Actress Hazal Turesan Defrauded 100 Thousand Liras

Actress Hazal Turesan was defrauded of 100 thousand TL by a suspect who introduced herself as a banker, saying that her deceased father had insurance debt.

Actress Hazal Turesan was called on July 1, 2022 by the suspect, who introduced herself as a banker, and was told that her deceased father owed 100 thousand TL in insurance. Turesan took a loan of 100 thousand TL from the bank after this meeting and deposited the money to the IBAN number given to him. After a while, Türesan realized that he had been defrauded and filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutor’s office.

Hazal Turesan

A lawsuit was filed against the suspect Alperen Şanlıtürk, whose identity was determined as a result of the investigation carried out by Bakırköy Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, on the charge of “qualified fraud by using information systems as a bank or credit information tool”. Imprisonment from 4 to 10 years.

Hazal Türesen and her mother attended the hearing of the case at Bakırköy 10th High Criminal Court with their lawyers. An arrest warrant was issued for Alperen Şanlıtürk, who was tried pending trial for not attending the hearing.

Hazal Turesan


In her statement, Ayşen Türesan’s mother, Hazal Türesan, said, “He called the bank and said that he had insurance debt by saying my deceased wife’s name. When I remembered my wife’s memory, I got emotional and gave the phone to my daughter, expressing that I could not talk. My daughter made the rest of the conversations. I am the complainant.”

Hazal Turesan


Stating that the suspect on the phone gave a lot of information such as the date of death of his late father, Hazal Türesan said, “I trusted him when he spoke like that. I wanted to confirm that we had applied for a loan online before these payments, but we were out and about going abroad. We did not have much time. He guided me to hurry. For this reason, I used a loan and deposited the money in the IBAN number he gave me.”

Hazal Turesan


Stating that he sent a total of 100 thousand TL, Türesan said, “After I sent the money, I told my mother that we were defrauded, but it was too late. Even talking to this person, the bank kept me busy. He says that the bank will call you soon, ask you to fill out a questionnaire, and then you can answer it. By the way, the bank is busy because I was making a suspicious transaction. “He was trying to reach me. I refused to call because the person on the phone directed me. Later I called the bank. The bank officer said that there was nothing they could do now that the money was out of the account. When I asked how they got the information about my father, he said that sometimes the systems were hacked and that’s how they got information.”

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