A Piece of Heaven: Karagol, Artvin

Karagol Artvin, which has a beauty reminiscent of paradise, is one of the regions recommended for nature lovers. You can enjoy your holiday with a magnificent nature pleasure, where you can watch the lake view and relax your soul. The region, which offers many alternatives for those who want to stay, is very popular. A pleasant holiday awaits you in Artvin Karagol, which has a refreshing and peaceful nature, various activities and suitable areas for camping enthusiasts.


Where is Artvin Karagol?

Karagol, which is called the paradise of the Black Sea Region, is located in Borcka district of Artvin province. The region where it is located has been declared a nature park. Karagol Artvin is located 26 km from Borcka center and 60 km from Artvin city centre. Nature lovers are recommended to explore Karagol, one of the most beautiful and remarkable lakes in our country and even in the world. There is a platform on the lake. You can go here and enjoy the magnificent lake view.

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How to go to Artvin Karagol?

Signs have been placed from the city center to the lake area to go to Artvin Karagol. You can easily reach the nature park by following the signs. Borcka – Macahel road can be seen after 33 km from Artvin city center. When you go 20 km on this road, the Karagöl sign greets you. When you come to the Karagöl turn, you reach Karagöl after about 6 km. For those who want to go to Karagöl from Borcka town center; If the bus is to be used, it is possible to go to Karagöl by minibuses departing from Petrol Ofisi. Signs have been placed on the road for those who want to go from Borcka to Karagol with their own vehicle. In this way, it became possible to easily reach the Nature Park. The parts of the Nature Park up to the access roads are paved with stones. The stone paved area is approximately 4-5 km.

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