A new Country, a New Life! Recommendations to get used to your New House

If you consider making a new life for yourself in Turkey, it means you make an important and correct decision. However while making a brand-new life in a new country, there exist some important information you should know.

In this writing, we will also present some tips to you to adapt more easily to Turkey.

Salute to People

Turkish people attach importance to saluting. Especially saluting to people you see in daily life may lay the foundation of new friendships. For example saluting a cashier in a market from which you shop, your downstairs neighbour, security staff in your new workplace would be very good conduct. Strong and joyous friendships largely start with saluting.

Therefore you should certainly know how to pronounce saluting expressions like “Hello, Hi, Good Morning, How are You, Peace Be With You” etc. and use in daily life.

Learn Turkish

The best way to adapt to a country is to learn the language of that country. Many free and paid Turkish courses exist across the country towards the foreign national who live in Turkey for that purpose. The fee of private courses is as low as you can easily meet too. Hence, we recommend you to attend to Turkish courses immediately or in a few months after settling in Turkey. These environments are particularly ideal to have new friends.

As to English, number of person who know English is higher in academic environments and education institutions particularly. Accordingly, you can also establish contact by speaking with he people here.  Besides, Turkish people are eager on establishing contact with foreign nationals. Namely, you already learn Turkish as much to maintain your daily life in a short time.

Obtain Information about Health Services

Turkey is a country exemplified in terms of its health services. Thanks to prevalent hospital and polyclinic network, there are many health institutions that you can apply in emergencies.

We certainly recommend you to apply general health insurance to take advantage of health institutions. If you have obtained residence permit in Turkey, through applying to the closest social security centre, you can make an application for general health insurance. Presence of a person who knows this procedure and speak Turkish would be beneficial in application process.

Get Information on Transit Systems

Turkey is a country which offers more option from the point of mass transport possibilities. You can use the vehicles like bus, shared taxi, subway, street car, ferry, etc. for inner city transportation.

In order to benefit from these vehicles, you should purchase single or multiple boarding pass. However, we recommend you to purchase multiple boarding pass. By means of these passes, you can get in many mass transport vehicles more economically.

For instance, municipality buses are generally in service from 05.00 am to 01.00 pm in İstanbul. However, these hours show change from one line to another one.

Single boarding pass: 5 TL
Two boarding pass: 8 TL
İstanbulcard first boarding fee: 2,60 TL – Student: 1,25 TL
Interlining boarding fees: 1,85 TL, Student: 0,55 TL
As is seen, while fee of single boarding pass is 5 TL, this fee for İstanbulcard is 2.60 TL. Therefore, we recommend to get information about transit system of the city where you reside.

Travel a lot

If you have settled or consider settling in Turkey, you have already seen natural and historical beauties of the country. Turkey is a country which has hosted many civilizations since ancient ages. Therefore, it is possible to see traces of many civilizations in Turkey. In other words, in walking on the road, a fantastic fountain remaining from 14th century may appear before you suddenly. In this regard, we can say in advance that living in Turkey would be quite satisfying experience from historical and cultural aspect.

Turkey is a country which attracts millions of people with its natural beauties. For example, while enjoying the sun, sea on Antalya’s beaches in November, you ski in Erzurum Palandöken in a few hours after boarding plane. Turkey is a country which may present you the luxury of living four seasons at the same time.

We recommend you to travel and see modern and historical beauties of İstanbul, unique beaches in southern costs of the country, very green mountains of Eastern Black Sea region, Cappadocia region which is located in Central Anatolia and have no equivalence in other place after settling in Turkey. In these trips, you will find opportunity to know Turkish people closely and see how a correct decision you have given by settling in Turkey.

One final word: especially İstanbul regularly hosts amazing concerts, exhibitions, sport matches. If you have resided a city outside İstanbul, you may have to go to İstanbul once a month.  You should know beforehand…

Welcome to your new house, Turkey!

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