A Historical Building That Anyone Who Sees In Moda Will Look Again: Sarica Arif Pasha Mansion

The history of Sarıca Arif Pasha Mansion in Moda, Kadıköy, which attracts the attention of those who see it with its splendor.

Located in Moda, Kadiköy, Arif Pasha Mansion was built by the Greek architect Pappa Kalfa in 1903 for Arif Sarica, one of the notables of the palace. They are also one of the first Turkish families to settle in Moda. This pavilion greets everyone passing by Moda with its grandeur. Because even the wall height alone is meters. The mansion, which has a rich stone work, is a rare work for Moda.

 Arif Pasha Mansion

Currently Used as a Residence

Today, Sarica Arif Pasha Mansion is used as a residence by Aysegul Sarica from the family, in accordance with its original form. In this respect, it is a pleasing event, because it is not a situation that we are accustomed to using a mansion of this scale as a residence in accordance with its originality on the Anatolian side.

 Arif Pasha Mansion

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