5 places to visit in Gaziantep

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  • 5 places to visit in Gaziantep

Gaziantep is located between Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean and it is the mother of many civilizations since ages. Antep is a city that has preserved its vitality and dynamism since ancient times. Due to its location on the Silk Road, it has been a locomotive for trade and economy since its establishment. Here are several places to visit in Gaziantep.

The Şahinbey National Struggle Museum

The Şahinbey National Struggle Museum, where the struggle of Gaziantep during the War of Independence is told, was created from the combination of two buildings with caves. Mirroring the city’s difficulties during the war, this museum is open to visitors every day of the week.

Almacı Bazaar

Almacı Bazaar, also known as Elmacı, located in Şehitkamil, is now a bazaar where local and natural products are sold.

Historical Antep Houses

Antep architecture, one of the oldest places, also has a long tradition. The houses built of cut stone due to the warmth of the city are also famous for keeping cool in the summer. Most of the houses, which are generally two-storey and in the courtyard, serve as hotels today.

Gaziantep Castle

The castle, which is unknown when it was built, is one of the symbols of Gaziantep today.

It is known that the castle, which was used for observation purposes in the Roman period, has been restored many times throughout history.

The castle, which is located at a point that dominates the city, is free of charge.

Kurtuluş Mosque

The building, which was built as the Valide Meryem Church in 1892, was also used as a prison by exhibiting an example of an oxymoron.

Today, the bell of this church is on display at the Gaziantep Museum.

However, the building that currently serves the Kurtuluş Mosque has 5 doors. The empty bell tower is now the minaret of this mosque.

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