5 Most Popular Tourism Villages in Turkey

If you have decided to escape from the city crowd and create a calm and peaceful holiday route you can plan an enjoyable holiday program for many places in Turkey such as beautiful than the other, small and charming villages and towns. “So where am I going?” In this article for those who say; We have compiled 5 small villages and towns that should be visited by travelers who love to travel, nature lovers and anyone who likes to take pictures.


Asos, an ancient city located in Behramkale village of Ayvalık district of Çanakkale; With its magnificent sea, tranquility and historical buildings worth seeing, it is one of the must-see places when you go to Çanakkale. Village and city life are mixed in Asos, an old fishing port. The most striking place of this city is the Doric Temple of Athena, built on the top. The city also has a large amphitheater.

Here, you can stay in boutique hotels located on its lovely little pier and enjoy a peaceful holiday. Archeology studies conducted in Asos, which has hosted many civilizations in the history scene, show that the history of the region goes back to the Bronze Age. Say what? Is it also worth going to witness the stage of history?

A Wonderful View from Asos


Alaçatı is a neighborhood in the Çeşme district of İzmir. It has a coast to the Aegean Sea. It is famous for its historical stone houses and beaches suitable for windsurfing due to its 360 days of wind per year. It has developed a lot in recent years thanks to its stone houses. Housing many entertainment venues and hotels, Alaçatı is one of the most important holiday resorts of the Aegean Region.

Although we think that Alaçatı, which used to be a cute, quiet, calm neighborhood, has now become commercial and lost its old charm, it is still worth seeing. We can say that Alaçatı, which is connected to Çeşme district of İzmir, is famous for windsurfing. However, if you are one of those who want to enjoy the real pleasure of Alaçatı, you should choose another season other than summer to go here.


Kayaköy is a well-known neighborhood in Muğla’s Fethiye district. It is 147 km from Muğla province and 7 km from Fethiye town. Kayaköy from each other consists of two very different residential areas. There are big and small churches and fourteen chapels among the places to visit in Kayaköy. There is also a pottery workshop (Pottery) next to the small church.

Built by the Greeks in the 16th century, Kayaköy was really crowded in the early 19th century. Schools, churches, shops and businesses operated in harmony. Life was good and the village was developing as a community. Kayaköy was home to about 20,000 Greek Orthodox residents until the beginning of the 20th century. The turning point in the history of the village started with the Greeks and Turks living side by side in the village.


Şirince is a district of İzmir’s Selçuk district. It is 83 km from İzmir city center and 8 km from Selçuk district center. There are two Greek churches in the quarter. In Şirince, no house blocks the view of the other. The neighborhood was brought to the agenda on the grounds that it is a safe zone in the apocalypse that will break on December 21, 2012 according to the Mayan calendar.

We heard the name of Şirince for a while; however, its history goes way back. Aslan, Şirince, a shelter for the Greeks in the days when Ephesus was about to collapse; It has preserved houses within the view of the grape gardens.

Şirince Village


Simena is the ancient Lycian city located between Kaş and Demre in Antalya province, today called Kaleköy. Simena is one of the few ancient cities in the ancient settlement that can be reached from the sea Turkey. Archaeological research is expressed in four different periods. Hellenistic city walls, ruins from the Roman period, Byzantine castle ruins and the oldest settlement traces from the Classical period.

This seaside village, also known as Simena; It has a population of 300 people living almost attached to each other. This place is too small to have a lot of streets and everywhere is covered with village houses. Kaleköy is a great accommodation place for those who love alternative places. Foreign tourists have been frequenting this place for many years for a holiday intertwined with nature and history. This authentic view is definitely worth seeing!

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