400 Kilometer Landslide in Kahramanmaras!

The fracture in the fault line stretching for kilometers in the Tevekkeli village of Kahramanmaraş once again revealed the severity of the earthquakes that occurred.

Turkey was shaken by severe earthquakes on 6 February.

The disaster, the epicenter of which is Kahramanmaras, wrecked 10 provinces in total.

While the debris removal works continue on the fourth day of the earthquake, the teams continue to reach the earthquake victims under the rubble without losing hope for a moment.

After the earthquake, the violence created by the tremors emerged once again.

Kilometers of Fault Fracture

In the Tevekkeli village of Kahramanmaras, the kilometers long fracture revealed the size of the earthquake.

Dokuz Eylül University Earthquake Research and Application Center (DAUM) Director Prof. Dr. Hasan Sozbilir reported that they detected the surface rupture of the fault that caused the Kahramanmaras-centered earthquakes near the village of Tevekkelli on the Kahramanmaras-Gaziantep road.

Experts Examine

Sözbilir, in his written statement, said that after the earthquake, Afyon Kocatepe University Earthquake Application and Research Center Director Prof. Dr. Caglar Ozkaymak and Eskisehir Osmangazi University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Volkan Karabacak stated that they made investigations in Kahramanmaras.

On the other hand, Orhan Tatar, General Manager of AFAD Earthquake and Risk Reduction, also spoke on the subject at the press conference he held.

“We see that it has undergone a deformation of 3-4 meters along a 400-kilometer line”

“We see that the earth’s crust is currently undergoing a deformation of 3-4 meters along a line of approximately 400 kilometers, along a depth of roughly 8-10 kilometers, on different fault arms of the Eastern Anatolian fault zone,” Tatar said.

Here is what Orhan Tatar said on the subject:

After this earthquake, we see that on the different fault branches of the Eastern Anatolian fault zone, the earth’s crust has undergone a deformation of 3-4 meters, along a line of approximately 400 kilometers, at a depth of roughly 8-10 kilometers. We have many friends, many experts and academicians working in the field. As of yesterday, some data started to come from the field. When you look at it, we see that highways and railways are deformed up to 3-4 meters. This is a really big earthquake.

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