Study in Dokuz Eylul University

Study in Dokuz Eylul University

If you will study in Dokuz Eylul University, it is useful to read this article. If you want to live in Izmir as a student and get information about Izmir, this article is for you. Dokuz Eylul University was established on 20 July 1982. Attracting attention with its crowded population, Izmir is an exceptionally “beautiful” city with its historical and social venues. Dokuz Eylul University today; all around Izmir, continues its scientific research and higher education mission with the understanding of quality social service with 10 Institutes, 18 Faculties, 3 Colleges, 1 Conservatory, 6 Vocational Schools, 1 Application and Research Hospital and 60 Application and Research Centers. As of the 2019-2020 Academic Year, 70,158 students are studying at the institution. Among them, there are 1,352 international students from 115 countries. Again, as of 2019, 3,657 academic and 4,824 administrative staff are working at the university. Dokuz Eylul University provides education in four different campuses in Izmir. Dokuz Eylul University campuses; Buca Dokuzcesmeler Campus, Buca Faculty of Education Campus, Tinaztepe Campus and Balcova Campus.


Tınaztepe Campus:

Tinaztepe Campus is located in Buca. Due to its location, winters are harsh and windy here, there is even a 2-3 degree difference between the temperature of the city.

Dokuzçeşmeler Campus:

Many departments from Foreign Languages to the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences are located in Dokuzcesmeler Campus, which is locatedin Buca. Campus hosts a separate seminar, conference or event almost every week.

Buca Faculty of Education:

The campus, which is located in Buca, has not lost its natural habitat. It Enables students on every campus to have fun with their cafes, library and popular venues behind the street

Balçova Campus:

The campus is located in Balcova. Dokuz Eylul University Hospital and Faculty of Medicine are located in Balcova Campus. There is also a Faculty of Fine Arts. This point, which art and health meet, resides in a more beautiful settlement compared to other campuses.


Buca Girls’ Dormitory, Dokuz Eylul University Student Dormitory (Mixed Dormitory) and Reha Midilli Student Dormitory (Foca) under the Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports Office provide services for female students studying at the university. There are many private dormitories for boys and girls close to the faculties and colleges of the University. Izmir also offers many opportunities with rental house options for the ones who wish have the opportunity to rent a house in the surrounding neighborhoods.


There is not much transportation problem in this city. Regardless of the distance from the city center, there is an opportunity to reach the center from many districts and districts from the center. There are more than one transportation routes to each campus.

Prep. School:

The school of foreign languages is located at the Dokuzcesmeler Campus of the university. There are audio-visual equipments for language education and they are suitable for today’s technologies. there are sound systems and 3 Foreign Language Laboratories in the classrooms. A quality education is offered with its experienced academic staff and qualified administrative staff.

The Library:

Library DEU

Main Library is located in Tinaztepe Campus. The total number of libraries at Dokuz Eylul University is 14, together with the unit libraries opened in faculties, schools and institutes.

Get Direction

University Website: https://www.deu.edu.tr

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