40 Tons of Garbage Removed from a House

In Eskisehir Odunpazari, Turkey, in the house of the woman who is alleged to have a psychological disorder, 2 trucks and 1 truckload of garbage collected from the surrounding area were cleaned by the municipal teams.

The bad smells coming from a house in Eskisehir made the citizens tired..

It was determined that a woman named Zeynep O., who lives in a building on Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Street of Odunpazari district, stored the garbage she had collected for a long time in her house.

Upon the notification of the residents of the apartment, the municipal teams, who came to the building with a court decision, were stunned when they entered the house with the help of a locksmith and saw that the rooms were full of waste materials and garbage.

40 Tons of Garbage Found

Zeynep O., who did not allow the municipal officials who wanted to clean the house, which was thought to contain approximately 40 tons of garbage, gave the municipality employees a hard time. The municipal teams, who started to clean up 2 trucks and 1 truckload of garbage, which smelled very bad, had difficulty even walking inside the house.

Neighbors Are Uncomfortable

Mehmet Alparslan, who is the opposite neighbor of Zeynep O., who collects garbage from the surrounding area and stores it in his house, expressed that they are uncomfortable with the situation as the residents of the neighborhood.

“They Guessed The Woman Died Inside”

Stating that they guessed that the woman died inside due to the stench spreading around, Alparslan said, “I am the neighbor from the opposite apartment. This brother is also the owner. We haven’t seen him for about 10-15 days. Her house stinks. There were people coming and going in front of the house day and night, but he was not helping his neighbors in any way. We were saying, ‘Clean the house, put it in order, there is an odor in the neighborhood’. But she wasn’t answering. His house was also very dirty. As a neighborhood, we are uncomfortable. I don’t know who complained, but the whole apartment and neighborhood were upset about this. I don’t know about the complaint. Police and firefighters had arrived earlier. They guessed the woman died inside. That’s how a report was made, she. They found that the woman was not at home. I see it later when I evacuate the house. Whatever he found from the outside, he brought home. I was seeing them. We used to tell him, ‘Don’t bring whatever you find,’ but he would bring whatever he could get his hands on. He must have had a mental illness. There were even cardboard and tin boxes at the entrance to the hallway. He even put a lot of old and waste material on the apartment door. As a neighborhood, we have been uncomfortable with this situation for 3 years. There must be someone complaining. I did not complain, but this is how we saw people coming and going as neighbors.”

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