2nd Person With Immunoglobulin G4 Disease in Turkey

Immunoglobulin G4 (IgG4) disease was detected as the 2nd case in Turkey and the 13th case in the world in 17-year-old Ayse Tuncel, who applied to the hospital with a complaint of nosebleed 3 years ago in Elazig. Tuncel, who had to have a second operation after the first operation, says, “I want to sleep comfortably at night now. I wake up out of breath.”

Ayse Tuncel, who lives with her family in Elazig, applied to the hospital 3 years ago with the complaint of nose bleeding. During the first examination at the hospital, it was determined that Ayse had a pinhead-sized hole in her nose. During this time, the hole in Ayse’s nose reached 4.5 centimeters. As a result of detailed examinations in Elazig and Ankara, the young girl was diagnosed with Immunoglobulin G4 (IgG4). It was learned that the young girl’s 2nd case in Turkey and 13th in the world were recorded in this disease, while the first case in Turkey died.

Being Out of Breath While Sleeping

Tuncel, who had his first surgery with the support of philanthropists, needs a second surgery to regain his health. Ayse Tuncel underlined that she has not been able to sleep comfortably for 3 years, “Now I want to sleep comfortably at night. I wake up with shortness of breath.” Describing the difficult process she went through, the young girl said, “We went to the doctor 3 years ago because of a nosebleed. I want to sleep. I wake up with shortness of breath. I suddenly feel short of breath, I wake up with a dry tongue. That’s why I want to have surgery and get rid of it.”

Immunoglobulin G4

Second Time Surgery Needed

Father Seyfettin Tuncel, stating that his daughter should have a second operation, said, “We went to the doctor 3 years ago because of Ayse’s nose bleeding. They said that she had a needle-sized hole in her nose at the hospital. This hole has reached here. We were treated in Ankara Last time, a sensitive businessman from Istanbul paid for Ayse’s surgery and she had her first surgery. Ayse should have her second surgery now.

The Disease Found in Two People in Turkey

Ayse’s disease is a disease that is seen in 13 people in the world and in 2 people in Turkey. If my daughter does not have surgery, the ulcer on her nose may spread to her internal organs. This can lead to lung and liver cancer. That’s why I want my daughter to get well soon. My friend who was struggling with my daughter passed away. “My daughter’s treatment continues,” he said.

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