29 Mayis Public Hospital

29 Mayis Public Hospital

The hospital built with smart building technology. It serves as two blocks connected to each other by tube passage. One of these blocks is planned as inpatient and delivery room services, and the other is predominantly polyclinic services. Total closed area is 13,097 m2. In the 100-bed hospital, all rooms are tailored to the individual in the comfort of technology-based systems, considering the needs and expectations of the patient and the attendant. It has been designed and built in accordance with all national and international standards in the face of natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, etc. and all unexpected disasters. The transfer of medical materials and documents within the hospital is done using a system called Pneumatic Tube Transfer System. With this system, it is aimed that materials and documents reach the relevant area in the fastest and most reliable way. In the hospital, importance has been given to ensuring hygienic conditions and home comfort is provided to both patients and their attendants with electronic controlled patient beds, LCD televisions, electronic control centered air conditioners, and automatic telephone systems in all rooms. The hospital has 5 operating rooms equipped with the latest technology. It has ultrasound, fluoroscopy and advanced microscopes in the operating room. The surgery in progress can be watched by the authorities, and patient examinations can be seen on plasma televisions in every operating room. Postoperative patient care is carried out in three intensive care units separated by age and discipline. The angio unit, where all kinds of interventional radiology procedures can be performed, is also located in the operating room.

You can find all of the polyclinics below.

Skin and Venereal Diseases, 

Child Health and Diseases, 

Infectious Diseases, 

Physical therapy and rehabilitation,  

Chest Diseases, 

Internal diseases, 




Anesthesia and Reamination, 

Brain and Nerve Surgery,

  General Surgery, 

Eye Health and Diseases, 


Cardiac surgery, 

Ear Nose Throat, 

Orthopedics and Traumatology, 


Medical Pathology,

Pediatric Surgery,

Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, 

Diet Polyclinic, 




You can reach 29 Mayıs State Hospital when you get on the bus number 145 or 154 from Kızılay Square and get off at the 29 Mayıs Public Hospital stop.

If you are coming from Dikmen Street, you can take the bus number 145 and get off at the 29 Mayıs Public Hospital stop and you can reach the 29 Mayıs Public Hospital.

If you are coming from Oran, take the bus number 185 and get off at Ayrancı Pazarı stop and transfer to the bus number 145. When you get off this bus at the 29 Mayıs Public Hospital stop, you can reach the 29 Mayıs Public Hospital.

If you are coming from İlker Street, you can take one of the buses 183, 186, 187 and get off at the Hanlar stop, and you can reach 29 Mayıs Public Hospital with a 5-minute walk.

Hospital Website:

You can reach other hospitals in Turkey by this link: Hospitals in Turkey

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