2023 Target Of Tourism Professionals in Pamukkale

2023 Target Of Tourism Professionals in Pamukkale

In 2023, 3 million visitors are expected to visit Pamukkale, the “white paradise” in Denizli, which is among the ruins that attract the most tourists in Turkey.

Famous for its white travertines, Pamukkale was visited by 2 million 580 thousand 245 people in 2019, 625 thousand 120 people in 2020 when the epidemic was effective, 1 million 200 thousand 650 people in 2021, and 1 million 990 thousand 786 people last year.

With the decrease of the effect of the epidemic, the number of guests in the ruins increased visibly, and tourism professionals entered the new year with hope.

Gazi Murat Şen, President of Denizli Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Association, said that they expected to reach 1 million 700 thousand tourists at the beginning of last year, and that they exceeded this figure at the end of the year.


Expressing that they have the title of “the place that receives the most visitors” among the museums and archaeological sites announced in Turkey with the number of approximately 2 million tourists, Şen said:


“We have set our target as 3 million in 2023. We are sure that this figure will keep up with the reservations received as of now. We hope that there will be no problems. Because tourism is a thread, as you know. If there is no problem and the expectations of tourism professionals are realized, 2023 will be both our country and Denizli tourism. It will be very important to you.


Expressing that tourism recovered rapidly after the Kovid-19 epidemic, Şen noted that people could not travel for a few years, which created a serious demand.


Pointing out that fewer guests came from China and other far eastern countries in 2022, Şen said, “China was closed, it opened its doors this year. If the case and death rates there decrease, we will see high demand from China. Chinese influence, plus around 400 thousand guests. We look forward to welcoming you to Pamukkale ruins.”


Şen stated that tourists come to Pamukkale from many different countries such as Spain, Italy, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia.


“For example, in June last year, the most visitors came to Pamukkale from Mexico. This does not even occur to us. But especially South American tourists have demands for cultural tourism.” Şen said that in this direction, tourists visit Pamukkale when they come to Turkey.


Explaining that alternative tourism has come to the fore in the region in recent years, Şen said that balloon tourism is one of them.


Stating that they are the destination with the most flights after Cappadocia, Şen said:

“Paragliding has been going on for 12 months in our city. There is a high demand there, too. Our guests have the opportunity to ski in winter. Ski tourism will be talked about as much as Uludağ as far as Kartalkaya. Pamukkale will host both ski guests and ski resorts in Denizli.

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