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200-Year-Old Physics Problem Solved: The three-body problem

200-Year-Old Physics Problem Solved: The three-body problem

The physics problem that could not be found for 200 years has been solved. Two Israeli scientists managed to solve the so-called “3-body problem”. This development can be used to understand the gravitational relationship between the Sun, Earth and Moon.

Two scientists working at the Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel, managed to solve the “Three-Body Problem”, which physicists have been looking for a solution for two centuries. This solution will serve to shed light on predictions about the future positions of planets in the Solar System.

Scientists have been investigating the positions of planets in the solar system for decades.


According to the information in TRT Haber, the solutions of the equations used to understand the movements of any two planets caused by the gravitational force can already be made.

However, the “Three-Body Problem”, which involves gravitational calculations of three or more planets, has long been waiting to be solved.

The three-body problem

The problem describes the motion of a three-point mass particle in mutual gravitational interaction. For example, there is a similar gravitational problem between the Moon, Sun, and Earth. This 200-year-old problem is also one of the problems that laid the foundations of chaos theory.

Israeli Hagai Perets and PhD student Barry Ginat focused on this problem. The two researchers calculated the motion probabilities for each interaction between the three planets. The scientists then came to the conclusion by combining the final probabilities of each possible outcome with the “random walk” method of mathematics.

Thanks to the solution, the gravitational relationship between the Sun, Earth and Moon will be understood in more detail.


Israeli researchers have previously claimed to have solved the three-body problem. A few years ago, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Dr. Nicholas Stone and Prof. Barak Kol had published the “answer” to the question.

The three-body problem

However, Prof. Perets said that although Stone and Kol’s method did offer a lower deflection rate, it did not explain the state of the three bodies before they disintegrated.

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