11 Tips to Help You Read the Other Person’s Body Language When Flirting

Flirting is defined as a very close emotional friendship between a man and a woman. We can also call it the process that starts when one person receives that electricity from the other person and reflects it back to them. The flirtation phase is the process in which the energy transfer between two people is the most intense before the relationship begins. Flirtatious games, tactics to impress the other party are quite permissible at this stage of the relationship. In this phase where both sides are trying to get to know each other and establish intimacy, the use of body language and its reflections on the other side are also very important when it comes to human relationships. Let’s see what tricks our body language plays on us during the dating phase.

1.If a woman likes a man, her pupils dilate when she looks at him. In addition, women tend to blink more when talking to men they like.


2.When men like a woman, their pupils dilate too. The difference is that when a woman they like is in front of them, men raise their eyebrows without noticing.

3.When flirting, women touch their neck, arms and hair more during conversation. When a woman touches herself, it is a subconscious reflection of ‘you should see how soft my skin is’.


4 .A flirting man’s hand will involuntarily go to fix his hair during the introduction or later in the conversation. When men do this, on a subconscious level they think they look better and more impressive.


5.When talking to the person they are flirting with, women’s voices become higher and thinner, while men’s voices become lower and thicker, and vice versa.

6.Maximizing your own space! Adjusting his posture to take up more space, more open postures, for example, not sitting with his arms crossed for too long, are all signs of power and visibility for a man.

7.One of the flirting signals common to both men and women is the turning and leaning of the body towards the other person. This shows interest in the other person and what they are saying.

8.Saying things during the conversation that will make you smile or that he thinks you will like. Sometimes this works the other way around with men. They can confidently defend things that they know you won’t like at all; this is something they do to somehow get your attention and make it memorable.

9.An unconscious gesture women make when flirting is to stand in a way that shows the inside of their wrists.

10.According to experts, when a man fiddles with items on the table such as phones, key rings, glasses, etc. while he is with you, it signals that he likes you.

11.Our last item is actually an influence tactic. This tactic, which you may hear as “triangle” or “flirting triangle”, is usually used by women. In this move; by looking first at one eye, then at the mouth, then at the other eye; you draw a triangle on the face. If you catch someone looking at you in this way, you can easily think that they are trying to impress you.

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