Top 10 Destinations to See in Yalova

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  • The Moving Villa
  • Earthquake Monument
  • Yalova Thermal Springs
  • Yalova Open Air Museum
  • Hersek Beach
  • Sudusen Waterfall

Yalova has achieved a rapid development and gained the character of a city thanks to its thermal springs and thermal water resources. Here are the some places to visit in Yalova.

The Moving Villa

The Moving Villa was built in 1929 for Atatürk. When Atatürk saw that his beloved ram sycamore was pruned because of damaging the roof, he said that he wanted the house to be moved, not the branches to be cut. Thereupon, the project, which was based on the Municipality Science Works Roads and Bridges Branch, was carried by the tram rail brought from Istanbul.

Earthquake Monument

Yalova is one of the cities most affected by the August 17, 1999 earthquake. The city, which has suffered many painful losses and damages, commemorates what it has lost since then on this monument.

Yalova Thermal Springs

Yalova Thermal Spas welcomes visitors from every point of Turkey and from many countries.ıt  emerges as one of the most important tourist attractions of the city. Famous for its old baths dating back to the Byzantine period, the district heal with its lush nature.

Armutlu Thermal Springs

Another popular hot spring in Yalova, which is famous for its hot springs, is located in Armutlu district, 51 km from Yalova. Known as Armutlu Bath or Armutlu Thermal Spring, the spa is 4 km from the town.

Fıstıklı Thermal Springs

Another hot spring serving in the city is located between Yalova city center and Armutlu district. The spa, which is only 8 km away from Armutlu district, is known for being good for rheumatism, skin, stomach and many other similar ailments. You can stay in many hotels and pensions in Fıstıklı.


Thermal is flooded with visitors in summer and winter with its nature and hot springs. You can reach the district, which has many alternatives in terms of thermal hotels and hostels, at the end of a half-hour journey with the Termal minibuses departing from the minibus bus station in the city center.


Armutlu district, which is quite small, is between Yalova city center and Bursa. The town, which is preferred by holidaymakers from Istanbul and Bursa, is ideal for a summer holiday with its beaches and pensions.

Yalova Open Air Museum

Yalova Open Air Museum, one of the most special museums in Yalova, is located in Kazım Karabekir, on a lower street of Raif Dinçkök Cultural Center.

Hersek Beach

Hersek Beach, located 5 km from the district center of Altınova, one of the districts of Yalova, is a very large beach with a view of the bridge.

Sudusen Waterfall

Sudüşen Waterfall, one of the most important natural assets of the city in the Termal district of Yalova, is located at the point where Samanlı Mountains is located.

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