10 places to visit in Edirne

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  • 10 places to visit in Edirne

Edirne is one of the most beloved corners of the Thrace Region with its caravanserais, magnificent mosques that shed light on the Ottoman period, historical baths and warm people. Here are the several places to visit in Edirne.

Enez Castle

Although the construction year of the Enez Castle, which is located on a high hill, is not known exactly, the building materials used in its walls indicate that the building was built before the Byzantine period.It is located in the coastal region of Edirne, Kesan, Enez.

Hıdırlık Tabyası

Hıdırlık Tabyası, which played an important role in the defense of Edirne during the Balkan War, is one of the places you should see in Edirne.It attracts great attention from recent history enthusiasts.

Rüstempaşa Caravanserai

Rüstempaşa Caravanserai is one of the most important examples of Ottoman architecture. It is Located in the center of Edirne.

Sweti George Bulgarian Church

It is known that the Sweti George Bulgarian Church, located in Edirne’s Kıyık district, was built in 1880. The church, which housed some of the paintings of a church that was here before, is popularly known as the Bulgarian Church.

Meriç Bridge

Meriç (Mecidiye) Bridge built by Abdülmecit; It is located on the Meric River on the Edirne-Karağaç road. The bridge, which is 263 meters long, has 12 pointed arches on 13 feet.

Hacı Adil Bey Fountain

After your visit to the Meriç Bridge, don’t forget to see the Hacı Adil Bey Fountain at the end of the bridge. It was Built by Edirne Governor Hacı Adil Bey in 19o4.

Beyazıd Bridge

It is known that the construction of Beyazıd Bridge, one of the most spectacular bridges of Edirne, started in 1488 by Architect Hayrettin.

Selimiye Mosque

Selimiye Mosque is one of the most beautiful works of Ottoman architecture. It is known that the construction of the mosque that Selim II had built by Mimar Sinan started in 1568. The mosque, which Mimar Sinan calls “my masterpiece”, is also the most successful example of the 8-pillar mosque plan.

Karaağaç Train Station

Karaağaç Train Station now serves as the Rectorate Building of Trakya University. Architect of the station is Architect Kemalettin Bey.

Muradiye Mosque

Muradiye Mosque, which cannot be known exactly about its architect, is one of the most beautiful mosques in Edirne.

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