10 Places to visit in Duzce

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  • 10 Places to visit in Düzce

The population of Düzce, which is surrounded by Adapazarı, Bolu, Zonguldak and the Black Sea, is around 370 thousand. Here are the several places to visit in Düzce.


Toptepe Picnic and Recreation Area in Göülormanı Village of Gölkaya district is located 15 kilometers from Düzce center. You will reach this hill, which the people call Şahin Hill, by climbing 162 steps and you will see the observation castle of 45 square meters.

Genoese Castle Beach

Genoese Castle Beach, which has been awarded the blue flag, reveals the magnificent combination of both history and nature.

Çuhallı Beach

Çuhallı Beach, located in Akçakoca district, is the busiest beach located here. There are food and beverage and social facilities around the blue flag awarded beach and it is very suitable for beach and water sports.

Aydınpınar Waterfalls Nature Park

Aydınpınar Waterfalls Nature Park located in Aydınpınar Village, is 10 kilometers from Düzce center. In the waterfall, which is located on the road between Güzeldere and Samandere Waterfalls, five waterfalls fall successively.

Güzeldere Waterfall Nature Park

Güzeldere Waterfall Nature Park, located within the borders of Gölkaya district, covers an area of 22 hectares. The park is located 18 kilometers from the center.

Aktaş Waterfall

Aktaş Waterfall is located at the intersection of Ankara and Istanbul with the coast, within the borders of Aktaş Village in Akçakoca district of Düzce. The waterfall, which has the same name as the region where it is located, is 55 kilometers away from the city center.

Yılançatı Canyon Nature Park

It is located on the borders of Karakaş and Hoca Village of Yığılca district.  Yılançatı Canyon Nature Park is on the route of Yedigöller National Park.

Demirciönü Nature Protection Area

Demirciönü Nature Protection Area, located in Akçakoca district, was registered in 1994 and taken under protection.

Cumayani Picnic and Recreation Area

Cumayani Picnic and Recreation Area, Located 3 kilometers from Akçakoca, is a wonderful resting place with its centuries-old plane trees and stream.

Çamlıpınar Pond

Çamlıpınar Pond, located in Kaynaşlı district of Düzce, is 10 kilometers from the center. The pond which covering a forest area of 9 hectares in total,  is very suitable for picnic, tent camping, trekking, cycling and photo safari activities.

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