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  • 10 places to visit in Bursa

Bursa is seen as an important place not only for Turks but also for human history, as it is the capital of the Ottoman Empire during the transition period from state to empire. As historical buildings are clustered in Osmangazi and Yıldırım Neighborhoods, you can visit them on foot. However, if you come to Bursa for a short trip, you can spend time to see the most important structures.

Here are the 10 places to visit in Bursa;

Muradiye Külliye

Muradiye Kulliye, which has a crucial importance among the historical places of Bursa, is the last kulliye built during the Ottoman period. There are baths, mosques, madrasahs and tombs in the kulliye, which was built during the reign of Sultan Murat II.  Located in Osmangazi, Muradiye Complex can be described as the most important place to visit in Bursa city center. By the way, Muradiye Neighborhood, where the complex is located, can also be reached by direct buses.

Tophane Clock Tower

First built by Sultan Abdulaziz, Tophane Clock Tower was demolished and rebuilt over the years and reached its final form. Located in Tophane Park, the tower has 6 floors and has 4 clocks on top of it looking in all directions. One of the most unique historical places in Bursa, the tower now has a digital clock. It is also used by the municipality for fire surveillance.

Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi Tombs

Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi Tombs in the Osmangazi district are positioned opposite each other, forming the historical map of the Bursa trip. The tombs of Osman Bey and Orhan Bey, the founders of the Ottoman Empire, are located in Tophane Square. There are simple ornaments in the form of pediments on the windows in the Orhan Gazi Tomb. It is known that the sarcophagus under the dome in the middle belongs to Orhan Gazi. The story of Osman Gazi Tomb is a little different. It is stated that upon the will of Osman Gazi during the siege, he was buried in the tomb built on a part of Saint Elie Byzantine monastery after the conquest of Bursa

Ulu Mosque

Ulu Mosque, one of the symbols of Bursa, is a magnificent structure that everyone who visits the city should visit. Ulu Mosque, which has twenty domes, is known as the largest mosque in its interior.  The mosque,  is among the most precious examples of calligraphy in the Ottoman period. Although it was damaged greatly in the earthquake in 1855, it is still dazzling, especially with its fountain. Ulu Mosque is located in Bursa city center.

Green Tomb

Green Tomb, one of the symbols of Bursa, is a religious building that can be seen from all over the city and dazzles with its motifs. The mihrab in the two-storey Green Tomb, which also gives very clear clues about the architecture of the 15th century, is among the rare works of art of its period. In addition, all the walls of the Green Tomb are covered with tiles, and with this feature, it is among the unique structures of the Ottoman period. You can enter the Green Tomb, which is a frequent destination for those who want to see Iznik tiles, from the street of the same name.

The Old Aynalı Bazaar

The Old Aynalı Bazaar, which was a bathhouse in the Orhan Complex in the past, is located next to Koza Han. The name of the bazaar, which is mostly served by antique dealers today, comes from the mirrors hung on the walls by a merchant who came here after the last restoration process. By the way, you can find jewelers in the bazaar.


If you are asked about places to visit in Bursa in winter, undoubtedly, Uludağ will be shown first.  Uludag is one of the centers of winter tourism in Turkey, especially flocked to tens of thousands of tourists between December to April. Uludağ trip is the most suitable alternative for those who want to have a ski holiday and especially large families for the semester. Because the depth of snow comes to the favorite measure of skiing in January-February, when the semester break is planned.


Most tourists wonder where Cumalıkızık is before they start their Bursa trip. Bursa Cumalıkızık, which has survived from the Ottoman period to the present day and preserves its popularity, is a village on the skirts of Uludağ, connected to the district of Yıldırım.

As in every point in Bursa, a magnificent view greets the travelers first in Cumalıkızık. Cumalıkızık houses, which are the subject of movies and books, are at the top of the list of places to visit here. The houses, which stand out with their wood, mud brick and stone features, are visited by many people at all times of the year with their colorful walls.


We can say that Gölyazı, which is connected to the Nilüfer district of Bursa, has just gained its popularity.

If we talk about where Gölyazı is in a little more detail, we can say that it is an islet located on Uluabat Lake. Connected to the highway via a bridge, Gölyazı is also a historical address left behind by many governments from the Ottoman Empire to Byzantium.

It is also said by historical experts that Gölyazı was known as the capital of the Apollo Kingdom in its time. Among the places to visit in Gölyazı, the St. Panteleimon Church, the Temple of Apollo, the Crying Plane Tree and the old Greek houses should definitely be seen.


Tirilye, the small town of Bursa, is a region that is connected to the district of Mudanya and is also dazzling with its historical texture.

In fact, life is very quiet in Tirilye, which is an old fishing village. When it comes to places to visit in Tirilye, old Greek houses, churches, fountains and mosques should come to mind first. Although the buildings such as the Stone School, Arched Church, Dundar House, Fatih Mosque, Medikion Monastery seem neglected at first, since the buildings have not been restored, the addresses that have witnessed the history.

In the meantime, swimming enthusiasts can also swim from the beach next to the square.

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