10 places to visit in Balıkesir

Here are the some places that you should visit in Balıkesir.

Şeytan Sofrası

Şeytan Sofrası is 8 km south of Ayvalık. It is an ancient lava deposit that is believed to have a footprint of Satan on it and the people wish by throwing coins.


Migrant birds, who spend the cold periods in the southern countries during the winter turns into spring, choose the Bird Paradise National Park as the place to set up their nest. Every year, 2-3 million birds from 239 bird species have come to visit during migration.

Kazdağı National Park

There are resources from all over the Mount Ida. Even at an altitude of 1500 meters, there are springs with summer and winter water. The ice-cold and abundant drinking and utility water of Edremit, Akçay and Altınoluk are the melting snow waters of Kazdağ.


It is within the boundaries of Zeytinli Town, which is 2 km inland from Edremit Akçay highway. You can reach this cute picnic area on the slopes of Kazdağı by passing through Beyoba Village.

Değirmen Strait Nature Park

Değirmen Strait Nature Park has a picnic area (total area) of 250 hectares, with a country casino, buffet, children’s playgrounds, basketball court and parking lot, and is a quiet, promenade serving the locals on weekends.

Tımarhane Island

Tımarhane Island, located at the end of Çamlık Bay, at the foot of Şeytan Sofrası and at the tip of the peninsula, draws attention not only with its name but also with its interesting built rocks on the hill.

Adrmytteion Ancient City

Adrmytteion Ancient City is one of the important ancient cities of the region, about which early information was learned, despite the destruction caused by housing construction in the 1950s and 1960s.

Ayazma Church

Since the water inside the Ayazma Church is considered sacred, it is called Ayazma Church or Faneromeni Church.

Cunda Island

The beauties of the straits, islands and intertwined coves from the high parts of the island are worth watching. Neoclassical fans are the best place for those who want to be with silence and nature.

Pordoselene Tower

It is the tower on the top of Maden Island, which is shown as the place of the Pordoselene Civilization. It was built to watch the island of Lesbos, the surrounding islands and the Edremit Bay.

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