Zeus Cave

Zeus Cave

The water layers in the cave were formed by the mixing of fresh and salt water. Zeus cave attracts great attention by tourists especially in summer. There is mud in the Zeus cave. It is believed that this mud is good when applied to the skin. Diving can also be done in Zeus Cave. Regardless of the summer and winter months, the water of the cave is always 5 degrees. Inside the cave is quite cool in summer. It gets warmer in winter. Many local and foreign tourists show great interest in Zeus cave, especially in summer. Zeus Cave is connected to Kuşadası district of Aydın province. It is located in Güzelçamlı District. In other words, it is located at the entrance of Dilek Peninsula in Kuşadası district. Zeus Cave was formed by abrasion of calcareous rocks by groundwater. There was a depression in the cave and a natural pool was formed by accumulating water in this depression. Zeus Cave is located in the national park. For this reason, no arrangements have been made in its entrance and exit. You can go to the cave from the difficult areas of 15-20 meters. The mouth of the cave is in the form of an opening of 30-40 meters and its direction is towards north. The depth of the cave is around 4-5 meters in places where swimming can be found in Zeus Cave. It is known that the height reaches 8-10 meters in some rocks and coasts. The cave shaped like a karst well was formed by the collapse of the gallery ceilings. Here, the underground waters coming from the mountains formed a natural pool and the sinkhole lake was formed. There are also very beautiful stalactites on the underwater walls of the cave. It is possible to enter 50 meters from the cave.


Before reaching the Dilek Peninsula National Park, Zeus Cave is 100 meters behind and on the left. You must first come to Aydın with your private vehicle to Dilek Peninsula National Park and then to Kuşadası. Then, you can reach the national park with the signs directing from Davutlar or Güzelçamlı town.

It is also possible to go to Zeus Cave by public transportation. It is necessary to take the public transportation vehicles from Aydın to Kuşadası or Söke. Afterwards, it is possible to go to the national park by taking minibuses to Davutlar or Güzelçamlı towns.

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