“YUBA” Hacked Marmara University at the Age of 17

Details emerged as the echoes of the leak of data of 5,698 people at Marmara University on September 15 continued. It was determined that the 17-year-old computer hacker caused the incident, which became public after the ‘data breach notification’ published by the Personal Data Protection Authority (KVKK).

The hacker named YUBA, who sent a warning message to the university on the same day after finding the university’s vulnerabilities and logging into the system, demanded that he had high-risk vulnerabilities and that the official should contact him.

Hacker said, “I just found an opening on the website and hacked it. It is a high-risk vulnerability. The authorized person please contact me. Let me tell you, close the gap.”

17-year-old ‘YUBA’ hacked

The address of the data leak this time was Marmara University. According to the ‘data breach notification’ published by the Personal Data Protection Authority (KVKK), the incident took place on September 15.

After the 17-year-old hacker named ‘YUBA’ seized the authorized user account in the SMS sending service within the University’s Information Management System and then sent an SMS, it came to light.

5 thousand people’s information was stolen

It was also determined that 3 new user account definitions were made because the hacked user account was authorized to define new user accounts. While it was stated that those affected by the violation were employees and users, it was determined that a total of 5,698 people’s information was obtained.

After the data leak was reported, KVKK also started an investigation on the subject. While the institution announced the violation notification made by Marmara University, it started an investigation regarding the violation.

First hacked, then warned

According to the news of Ilker Turak from Sabah, it was revealed that the person who hacked the data system of Marmara University warned the authorities by sending an SMS. The 17-year-old using the pseudonym ‘YUBA’ addressed the authorities in his message.

Hacker “Hello, Mr. Marmara University. I’m YUBA, a 17-year-old hacker. But I don’t do anything to harm my state. I just found a vulnerability on the web site and hacked it. It’s a high-risk vulnerability. Let the authorized person contact me. Let me tell you, close the gap.” sent as an SMS.

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