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The establishment of Marmara University dates back to 1883. It currently operates in 9 campuses scattered across the Anatolian and European sides. The main main campus is Göztepe Campus. Administrative units like most faculties and rectorate of the university are in this campus. Göztepe campus is centrally located. Marmara University has grown rapidly after 1982, and has continued its education and research duties with faculties, institutes, colleges, vocational schools and research and application centers. In addition to its teaching activities, our university, which develops its services for the society, attaches great importance to its publication and consultancy activities; In our century when non-industrial societies have become an information society, they adapt to the demands of the society and contribute to the development of the required human power and technology in Turkey; it successfully represents the country at home and abroad with its educational approach and research that will produce solutions to economic, political, cultural and similar problems.

Göztepe Campus

It’s the central campus of Marmara University. Atatürk Faculty of Education, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Technology, Faculty of Business, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Law, Vocational School of Justice, School of Banking and Insurance, School of Jewelry Technology and Design, School of Applied Sciences, School of Foreign Languages, Technical Sciences Vocational School, European Research Institute, Banking and Insurance Institute, Institute of Educational Sciences, Institute of Science, Institute of Turkic Studies and Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of Islamic Economics and Finance, Continuing Education Center, Distance Education Center are located in this campus.


Since there is no doubt that the biggest problem of the students is to find a place to live in Istanbul, the necessary importance and priority is given to the student dormitories at Marmara University. In addition, the 460-bed capacity Aktar Girls Dormitory has been operating since 1990 – 1991. Today, there are many different state dormitaries and private dormitaries in different districts of Istanbul.

Prep. School

The education language of Marmara University varies according to the department. Education is provided in various languages such as 100% (German, French, English), 30% English and Turkish. Preparatory education is compulsory in other departments except Turkish education. Students who do not provide language proficiency are studying in the School of Foreign Languages located in Göztepe campus.


The Central Library Building on Marmara University Göztepe Campus was put into service in 1997 after its construction was completed. The studies, which started for Marmara University to have a modern library, continue rapidly with the move to its new building and following the developments. The library building has the capacity to serve 344 readers at the same time with its closed area of 4.300m2. The Central Library, which supports education and training in terms of knowledge, is equipped with modern technologies.

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