Youtube Music New Feature Coming: Music Downloads Now Available!

YouTube Music is bringing a new feature to the web version. Users will now be able to download their music. But how? Here are the details!

Last week, YouTube hinted that it was about to offer offline downloading to its users. Today we have confirmation that YouTube Music Web will soon offer users the ability to download music, similar to Spotify.

On the Albums/Songs page, you’ll see a download button between the “save to library” text and the three-dot transport menu at the top. After the “Downloading” text appears, a new page called downloads will appear on the library page.

Youtube Music Web is coming soon with a new feature
When you go to Google, you may see the phrase “no internet connection”, but that won’t be the case with Youtube Music Web. As long as you have an active internet connection on your device every 30 days, you can download the tracks you want.

The aim is to prevent music interruptions, especially for users in areas with limited internet connections.

This work may take a while to complete, but it will help resolve the issue of YouTube offering native desktop apps.

You’ll probably need to be a YouTube Premium member to download songs, but that’s for songs. It is still unknown if podcasts will be available for download on this feature.

Browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera will support this new YouTube feature.

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