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Yildiz Technical University is located in Beşiktaş district of Istanbul. Yildiz University was established in 1911 under the name of Conductor School Alisi in order to meet the Science Officer (formerly conductor) requirement of the Provincial Nafia Administrations. The school, which enrolled its first students on August 22, 1911, started education in September of the same year in the building that is today the Health Museum in Divanyolu. The school adopted the training program of the Ecole de Conducteur in Paris with some changes.

Davutpasa Campus

Yildiz Technical University Campuse

There are PTT, bank, bookstore, computer market and Internet cafe, stationery, photocopy and shopping facilities in the Yildiz Technical University Davutpasa Campus. Art, photography, Classical Turkish Music, polyphonic choir, light music, classical music, ud-ney-guitar, folk dances and theater studies are carried out within the scope of extracurricular activities at the university. Physical Education Department includes the following branches: basketball, handball, football, volleyball, water polo, swimming, judo, taekwondo, wrestling, table tennis, mountaineering and skiing. Teams and Folk Dances Team take many awards in sports competitions. YTU Republic Choir also gives successful concerts and awards in competitions.


The girls and boys dormitories with a total capacity of 544 students, which were restructured in 2002 and offered to the students of the university, are located at the Yildiz Technical University Maslak Campus. The rooms are for four people; Each student has a chair, a book and a wardrobe. There are study rooms, television rooms, drawing rooms and newspaper reading room for common use. Tea and coffee can be made on the floors by using 24-hour hot and cold water machines. There are enough washing machines and tumble dryers and irons and ironing tables for students to wash their private clothes. The bathrooms that are used by students on each floor are used at all hours of the day.

Prep. School

At Yildiz Technical University, undergraduate education is given in two languages, Turkish and English. English Preparatory Education is mandatory for programs that provide 30% and 100% English language education. Students enrolled in these programs are given an English Proficiency exam (EPE) at the beginning of the fall semester.



Today, the library, known as the Yildiz Technical University Library and Documentation Department, serves in two separate buildings. One is the Şevket Sabancı Library Building, which was built by Şevket Sabancı in 1985, and the other is the library located in the basement of the Nedim Bilgen Block on the campus. Apart from these, faculties, departments and so on. they do not have libraries.

University Website: https://www.yildiz.edu.tr

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