Yesilcam’s Popular Movies

Yesilcam’s Popular Movies

There is a generation that grew up watching Yeşilçam movies. The ancients know how popular the names of Tarık Akan, Müjde Ar, Hülya Avşar, Necla Nazır, İbrahim Tatlıses and many more Yeşilçam were at that time. Old Turkish films still have a special place. Some of us watch old Istanbul for nostalgia; Some of us would like to see the youth of the famous names we have mentioned above. However, these films have such an impact; Sometimes she cries, sometimes she laughs. Do you also like Turkish movies and want to watch the most popular old Turkish movies? So keep reading; because we have brought together the most popular Turkish movies with the linker, which you can easily watch with the contributions of puhutv. Here are the most popular movies of Yeşilçam that you can watch on Puhutv

Last Hiccup (Son Hickirik)

Son Hickırık, who started with Kenan’s life devastated by the death of his beloved wife, draws the audience to himself when he realizes that he is in love with his adopted Nalan. It is a local movie where we watch Kenan succumb to his feelings, Nalan falls in love with someone else, and they both slowly surrender to the strong arms of love. In the scenario where love and surrender are deeply felt in every scene; Sometimes it teaches us to question what we do by looking at the consequences of our decisions, and sometimes it reminds us that love can appear when we least expect it.

Once A Year (Senede Bir Gün)

The movie Senede Bir Gun, which tells the burning of love with a tearful story, tells the sad and insatiable reunion of a couple who meet in a tea garden on the same day and at the same time every year. The scenes where the couple tells about how their irreversible decisions affect their lives are worth watching again. The movie shows that true love can last a lifetime and can sometimes shatter your heart.

Yesilcam's Popular Movies

You Are in Love (Asiksin)

Although the story we are witnessing is a classic scenario in Turkish movies, “You Are in Love” is a movie about the love of actors who were once in love with each other… The song that accompanies the movie and the words that are as fragile but proud as the song. It is an undeniable fact that he gives the audience the feeling of falling in love in emotionally charged scenes…

Yesilcam's Popular Movies


In these days when we are looking for the innocent purity of old loves with candles, go back to the past and get lost in the magic of those days, the most beautiful “Sultan” that makes us happy when we see it on TV and can be watched over and over again. The movie, in which Türkan Şoray becomes a giant in the role of Sultan, whose lines are engraved in our memories, making us smile while we sigh in many scenes; One of the legends that justifies the word ‘falling in love’…

Yesilcam's Popular Movies

Yesilcam’s Popular Movies

Secretary (Sekreter)

Hülya and Erkut, who had to experience a separation caused by misunderstandings, paid the price of not listening to each other by staying away from each other and were tested with love and longing for years. It renews our faith in love.

Yesilcam's Popular Movies

My Sweet Slice (Tatli Dillim)

“Sweet Dillim”, one of the rare productions featuring popular actors, is perhaps one of the first to come to mind when it comes to old romantic comedy… In the scenes where Selda Bağcan’s beautiful voice accompanies Emine’s days alone in the village; Thinking about Ferit, who is Emine? She didn’t feel sad or sad like her… “Sweet Dillim”, which succeeded in conquering our hearts with its happy ending, still fascinates the audience with its unforgettable story.

Yesilcam's Popular Movies

Yesilcam’s Popular Movies

Firefly (Ateş Böceği)

“Firefly” is a movie that makes the audience shudder, gives the same pleasure every time you watch it, sometimes makes you sad but also laughs. At the beginning of the movie, we witness the story of a passionate love couple who do not like each other and cannot be separated as they spend time together.

Yesilcam's Popular Movies

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