World’s Second Longest Canyon: Ulubey, Usak

Ulubey Canyon, which is the second longest canyon in the world with a length of 77 kilometers in Usak, has started to welcome its guests again with the normalization of the pandemic process.

How Was This Canyon Formed?

While the “Ulubey Canyon” formed by the collapse of the Buyuk Menderes graben reaches a depth of 140 to 170 meters in places, Banaz Stream and Dokusele Stream also pass through it.


Second Cond Ranked In The World

“Ulubey Canyon”, which is the second longest canyon in the world with a length of 77 kilometers after the Grand Canyon in the USA, contains many structures from the ancient period, especially from the Seljuk and Ottoman periods, with its width varying between 100 and 100. 500 meters.

The glass terrace, 150 meters high and 135 square meters, built in 2015 by the Usak Governorate, Usak Special Provincial Administration and Ulubey District Governorship, welcomes thousands of tourists every year.


Photo shoots in the resting areas of the canyon and the 100 square meter reverse house attract the attention of visitors. Ulubey District Governor Onur Ozaydın said that Ulubey Canyon is a place worth seeing with its historical, cultural and natural beauties.

Stating that they have hosted approximately 600 thousand domestic and foreign tourists since 2015, Ozaydın stated that the canyon, which was closed to visitors during the fight against the corona virus, was reopened within the framework of controlled social life.

ulubey canyon

Explaining that all kinds of precautions were taken and the interest was high in the canyon, which was reopened within the framework of controlled social life after Covid-19, Ozaydın said, “Despite the controlled normalization and the epidemic, the numbers are at a very good level. Last year, we had around 70-80 thousand visitors.

Our visitors started to come again. We estimate that this figure will increase to 30-40 thousand in July and August. We have a lot of space for our guests to have a good time. Ulubey is a place worth seeing not only with its canyon, but also with its ancient city and lavender gardens. For this reason, there are areas where our citizens can travel safely during the controlled normalization process.”


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