World’s First Jetpack Race Held In Dubai

State-of-the-art jetpacks appeared in a race for the first time. Held on February 28, the demonstration was recorded as the world's first jetpack race.

With the development of technology, various aerial vehicles have emerged in recent years. The most interesting of these vehicles is undoubtedly jetpacks.

The companies behind this technology, which aims to make people fly, believe that jetpacks will become more common in the future.

It’s time to see how these amazing next-generation personal flight devices look and perform in the heat of competition.

First jetpack race held

Gravity Industries organized the world’s first jetpack race in Dubai on February 28th.

7 pilots wearing 1500 horsepower jet suits competed in the world’s first “jet suit race” in Dubai. The images brought superhero movies to mind

The jetpacks used the same type of fuel as Emirates Airlines’ Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft.

To protect the safety of pilots wearing jetpacks, the race was held over water near the Skydive Dubai parachute center. During the race, one pilot did not escape falling into the water.

The winner of the race was pilot Issa Kalfon. The experienced pilot said after the race:

I was nervous and anxious before the flight. Everything is hot and the engines are screaming at you. However, the jet suit is quite safe and easy to use.

Gravity Industries says the jet suit can currently reach speeds of 128 kilometers per hour.

Developed by the company in 2017, the jet suit has since been updated to offer incredible maneuverability, precision and speed.

Gravity’s jet suit integrally drives a single jet turbine, with the fuel tank placed behind the pilot’s back, along with a backpack.

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