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Woman Calling French President Macron ‘Asshole’ Detained!

A woman, one of the representatives of the “Yellow Vests”, was detained for posting on her Facebook account for President Emmanuel Macron, where she used the expression “scumbag”. The opposition woman faces 6 years in prison.

Street protests against pension reform continue in France.

President Emmanuel Macron is the target in the country where major events are taking place.

A woman, one of the representatives of the “Yellow Vests” movement, was caught by the police for posting for President Emmanuel Macron.

According to the news of the French channel BFMTV, the woman in question was detained by the police who came to her house upon the Governor’s complaint.

‘Asshole’ Shared on Facebook

The day before the woman spoke to French television about Macron’s controversial pension reform on March 22, she said on Facebook, referring to him, “The scumbag will speak to you tomorrow at 13. is said to have written.

Could Get 6 Years in Prison

The woman, who will testify in court on the charge of “insulting the president” on June 20, will face 6 years in prison and a fine of up to 22,500 thousand euros if found guilty for the statements she shared on Facebook.

The woman, on the other hand, claimed that she wanted to write another word in her statement, but that she was “favored by the keyboard”.

Since when is it a crime for people to speak their minds? Could this be called dictatorship coming? What do you think about? -Ece

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