Will WhatsApp Have Ads?

Will WhatsApp Have Ads?

For a long time there were rumors that WhatsApp would show ads. Finally, these claims came to a conclusion. Here are the details!

There were rumors that WhatsApp, the world’s most used chat application, would be advertised. It was rumored that the app was looking to expand its budget and that WhatsApp would start showing ads, just like Instagram.

Finally, these claims came to a conclusion. Will Cathcart, the president of WhatsApp, shared a post about the issue on his X (formerly Twitter) account.

It Responded to the News of the Financial Times!

Recently, the British business newspaper Financal Times wrote that Meta wanted to make Whatsapp advertised for revenue growth.

In the news, it was claimed that Meta’s teams are working on showing ads and will even charge a subscription fee to use the application without ads.

This news, which has been the subject of debate for a long time, was flatly denied by WhatsApp president Will Cathcart.

Cathcart said on his X account, “This Financial Times report is not true. We are not doing anything like this. You also seem to have misspelled Brian’s name.”

Thus, it was confirmed that the application did not conduct any tests on displaying ads.

However, the rumors that WhatsApp will be advertised until this time, of course, did not come to naught. Because Meta’s revenue from ads on Instagram has recently increased the company a lot.

WhatsApp Have Ads

Therefore, such a move for WhatsApp would not be a surprise. Ads have the potential to make a serious contribution to the company budget.

However, according to the new statement, the company’s earning path in this regard seems to be only through WhatsApp Business for now.

So what do you think about this issue? You can share your comments with us in the section below.

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