Will Cem Garipoglu’s grave be opened? Cem Garipoğlu statement from Justice Minister Tunç!

Will Cem Garipoglu’s grave be opened? Cem Garipoğlu statement from Justice Minister Tunç!

In 2009, the demand to open the grave of Cem Garipoğlu, the murderer who brutally murdered Münevver Karabulut, and to identify his body has been on the agenda for a while. Minister of Justice Yılmaz Tunç responded to Cem Garipoğlu questions. Well, will Cem Garipoğlu’s grave be opened?

Münevver Karabulut was brutally murdered 14 years ago in the house belonging to Cem Garipoğlu’s family in Başakşehir, Istanbul. The murder suspect Cem Garipoğlu was caught 197 days after the murder.

Cem Garipoğlu's grave

Garipoğlu committed suicide in 2014 in the prison where he was imprisoned. While the echo of the posts made by the Garipoğlu family on social media continues
Münevver Karabulut’s father Süreyya Karabulut filed a criminal complaint to open Cem Garipoğlu’s grave on the suspicion that he had fled or was kidnapped. Both courts rejected this request. The decision was widely discussed on social media.


Minister of Justice Yılmaz Tunç spoke to Sabah newspaper writer Melih Altınok about the discussions.

Cem Garipoğlu's grave

Stating that “an investigation was initiated by the Silivri Public Prosecutor’s Office in 2014 upon Cem Garipoğlu’s death in prison, and that the death examination and autopsy procedures were carried out in accordance with international protocols; and that a decision of non-prosecution was made in the application made by Münevver Karabulut’s father in 2022 since no evidence could be presented for action to be taken”, Minister Tunç said, “As a result of many procedures such as camera footage and DNA testing, there is no doubt about the identity of the deceased. For the time being, there is no legal situation such as opening the grave in question.”

Cem Garipoğlu's grave

Münevver Karabulut’s family is preparing to take the matter to the Constitutional Court.


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