Why was Singer Gulsen Arrested? What’s the Latest?

An ex officio investigation was launched against the famous singer Gulsen for the crime of “inciting the people to hatred and hostility or insulting them” within the scope of Article 216 of the Turkish Penal Code for the words she said about high school students. The famous singer Gulsen, who was taken into custody after the investigation, was arrested yesterday evening. After the events, “What did Gulsen say, why was he arrested?” question research gained momentum. Here are the last minute developments of the Gülşen event…


Gulsen took the stage in a venue in Istanbul in April. A section from the singer’s concert 4 months ago was shared on social media yesterday evening. In the footage, it was seen that Gulsen used the statements about a person, “He had read it in the imam orator before, his perversion comes from there”.


Singer Gulsen did not accept the accusations in her statement. Stating that the musician named Mirac was nicknamed “imam” in his band, Gulsen argued that he had no intention of committing a crime because of a conversation between them.


I do not know by whom or for what purpose this short image was served months later. However, I think it was served for provocative purposes. I have never made this speech in order to denigrate or insult the imam hatip members or a part of our country. I respect all the values ​​and sensitivities of the country. I certainly do not accept the accusation made. It is also unfortunate that the event took place in an untimely place.”

Gulsen said in her statement:

“I am an artist for 25 years. I have musician colleagues. I perform at concerts with this group. The nickname of my friend “Mirac”, who is a keyboard musician in my team, is “imam”. We joke with friends as ‘stupid, stupid, perverted’ among ourselves. Unfortunately, these two words came together. Our friend did not study in imam hatip. I don’t remember Mirac’s last name and contact. All my friends in the group have nicknames.

This speech is probably a conversation between Mirac and me during the song at a stage of the concert that I don’t remember. When I said to my orchestra, “Carry me on your shoulders among the audience,” I received an answer from the ocrestra, “Let the imam carry you,” and the conversation in question was between me and Mirac. This speech is not a speech I gave to the concert attendees or to the media. I am an artist who loves his country, believes in equality of opportunity, and cannot separate anyone.


In her defense, Gulsen said, “I am very upset that jokes are perceived as hateful towards any group. I do not intend to commit a crime. I do not accept the accusation. I demand a decision not to prosecute.”


Gulsen, who was taken into custody, was transferred to the Istanbul Courthouse in Caglayan after her procedures at the police station. Gulsen, who was brought to the courthouse by the police, entered the courthouse from the parking lot. Gulsen, who gave a statement to the public prosecutor, was referred to the judge for her arrest.

In the referral letter written by the Prosecutor’s Office of the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office Press Crimes Investigation Bureau, it is stated that the suspect Gulsen Colakoglu made statements and statements about the imam hatipists in her speech during the concert, that these were included in the media organs and social media platforms, and that the words uttered caused intense reactions in a part of the society. specified.

It was noted in the referral letter that these reactions were on the agenda, especially with many shares and comments made on social media, and that “the words under investigation have the quality of disrupting and shocking public safety in a way that poses a clear and imminent danger in terms of public safety, and in this way, a segment of the public with different characteristics.” TCK 216/1 because it openly incites hatred and enmity against another part of it. In this context, there are concrete evidences showing the existence of strong criminal suspicion and the reasons for arrest written in Article 100 of the CMK.


On the other hand, singer Gülşen, about whom an investigation was launched on the allegation of “inciting the public to hatred and hostility or humiliating” and was referred to the Criminal Judgeship of Peace with a request for arrest, was arrested by the court she was brought to.


Singer Gulsen was taken to Bakirkoy Closed Women’s Prison after the court’s arrest warrant.

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