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Why Is Putin Angry?

President Vladimir Putin, who consulted with the Russian Security Council about the partial mobilization process announced in the country, stated that mistakes were made in the partial mobilization process and that they should be corrected.

Russian President Putin, who carried out the partial mobilization process announced in the country with the Russian Security Council, stated that they made a mistake during the mobilization process. Stating that only those with military experience should be recruited within the scope of partial mobilization, Putin said, “Those who are called up for military service need to receive additional military training before being conscripted.” aforementioned.


Explaining that citizens asked various questions about the materials provided, living conditions and some other issues, Putin said, “We should correct all mistakes and not allow them in the future.” said. Emphasizing that the situations related to people with many children, chronic diseases or the elderly should be handled carefully, Putin said, “If a mistake has been made, it should be corrected and those who were conscripted without an excuse should be sent back to their homes.”



Reacting to the doctors’ duty to serve like normal soldiers, Putin said, “There are cases where some doctors or professionals from other professions are recruited as motorized infantry instead of areas that are really needed. Why? Volunteers who come to the military branches. They are on their own and many in number. Because they do not have experience. They’re being turned away. All of this needs to be dealt with quickly and in detail.”

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