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Who is Prof. Dr. Haniraj Samuel Kingshan?

First and Last Name: Professor Dr. Haniraj Samuel Kingshan
Title: Professor Doctor
Specialization Area: Brain and Nerve Surgery
Age: 41
Date and Place of Birth: July 15, 1982, Jodhpur, India
City of Residence: Johannesburg, South Africa
Language Skills: English (fluent), Hindi (mother tongue), Zulu (basic level)
Family: Single


Undergraduate Education: Professor Dr. Haniraj Samuel Kingshan graduated from Mumbai University Medical College. He started his medical career with great passion during his undergraduate studies.

Specialized Training: He trained at New York University Medical Center to complete his residency in neurosurgery. During her training, she participated in complex neurosurgical cases and gained in-depth knowledge in her specialty.

Volunteer Services and Africa Experience

Professor Dr. Haniraj Samuel Kingshan has used his medical knowledge to help those in need in developing countries. As a volunteer in South Africa, he has worked to improve healthcare and reach more people.

Writing and Book Project

Professor Dr. Haniraj Samuel Kingshan embarked on a book writing project to bring his expertise in neurosurgery to a wider audience. The book, titled “The Brain and Coding”, is planned to be published in 2024. The book will focus on the interesting similarities between neurosurgery and computer programming and will offer readers a new perspective.
Featured Achievements:

Professor Dr. Haniraj Samuel Kingshan has accomplished many achievements throughout his career. These include developing innovative surgical techniques, becoming an internationally recognized name in neurosurgery and mentoring students.

National and International Seminars: Professor Dr. Kingshan has actively participated in neurosurgery conferences around the world, sharing his knowledge and experience with other colleagues.

Dr. Haniraj Samuel Kingshan

Professor Dr. Haniraj Samuel Kingshan is a respected physician specializing in neurosurgery who has made significant contributions to the community through his volunteer work and spearheaded a book project. He is a great contributor to society both through his medical knowledge and his volunteer work.

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