Who is

Who is Mika Can Raun?

Who is Mika Can Raun?

With his real name Mikail Can Kurnaz was born on July 9, 2001 in Istanbul. Everyone knows him by the name Mika Can Raun.

Mika’s mother is from Sanliurfa and his father is of Greek origin from Büyükada. Raun, a popular social media user, is a third-year student at Marmara University, Department of Screenwriting and Film Design.

Who is Mika Can Raun

Mika Raun, who is studying screenwriting, also writes poetry.

Mika Can Raun, who started writing poetry in primary school, also stated that he has patented his poems. He composes his poems written in Aruz meter.

Who is Mika Can Raun

Mika, who has experienced a great change thanks to the aesthetic operations he has undergone, comes to the agenda a lot.

Mika Can Changed Gender

Mika Can Raun, known for the videos he shot on TikTok, also underwent a sex change operation.

The young phenomenon released his song “Night Cannot End” on the Youtube platform in May.

In his statement about the song, he said, ” Hello, I have been producing full content in the field of song, poetry and lyrics since I was 15-16 years old. And I have been studying singing for years. I have an estimated 7 years on them. I can say that this is the most of the factors that make me me.

Who is Mika Can Raun

I have been introducing myself to you a little bit so far, but I know that from now on it will be for you to get to know me more and deeper. Night Cannot End is one of the beginnings of this. We did our best to pass this on to you. I hope the night can’t end will be your song too”.

Who is Mika Can Raun

The phenomenon, who is a frequent social media user, has 334.8 thousand followers on TikTok and 1.1 million followers on Instagram.

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