Who is in Survivor 2023? Full Squad!

The highly anticipated celebrities and volunteers of Survivor 2023 have become clear. While the trailers came one after another from the competition, it was remarkable that the singer Berdan Mardini wore a suit unlike the other contestants.

The cast and broadcast date of Survivor 2023, the record-breaking rating competition on TV8 screens, has become clear. Trailers of the contest, which will be released to the audience on January 15, also attracted attention.


The team of volunteers, mostly social media phenomena, consisted of Aleyna, Gizem Avcı, Osman Can, Özgür Tunga, Asena, Kardelen, Walison, Buse Plan, Aysu Keskin Elanur, Alper Rende, Chaby Han, Halil İbrahim Göker, Kürşat Juan and Barış Telli.

Here are the celebrity team contestants…

Here is the Survivor 2023 volunteer staff…

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