Who is

Who is Dr. Elizabeth Tremboss?

First and Last Name: Dr. Elizabeth Tremboss
Title: Pediatrics Specialist
Age: 40
Place of Birth: New York, USA
Place of Residence: New York, USA
Language Skills: English (native), Spanish (advanced)

Education and Certificates

Undergraduate Education: Dr. Elizabeth Tremboss studied medicine at Columbia University School of Medicine and graduated as a medical doctor.

Specialty Training: She completed her residency training as a pediatrician at New York University Children’s Hospital. She is particularly interested in pediatric genetics.

Career and Achievements

Dr. Elizabeth Tremboss began her career as a pediatrician at Hope Children’s Hospital in New York City, specializing in pediatric genetics. “Hope Children’s Hospital is one of the leading pediatric healthcare institutions and specializes in treating children’s specific health conditions, such as genetic diseases.

Special Interest

Child Genetics One of Dr. Tremboss’s special interests is in pediatric genetics. His research and diagnostics in this field are of great benefit to society in the early detection and treatment of genetic diseases.

Family Support: Dr. Tremboss approaches the health of children with great sensitivity due to his own family background. He provides support to families on genetic diseases and genetic counseling.

Elizabeth Tremboss

Dr. Elizabeth Tremboss, starting her career as a pediatrician at Hope Children’s Hospital, is known for her sensitivity to children’s health and especially for her work in the field of pediatric genetics. Inspired by her own family history, she plays a major role in the diagnosis and treatment of genetic diseases.

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