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Who is Dr. Daniel Jhohanse?

Name and Surname: Dr. Daniel Jhohanse
Title: Dentist
Specialization Area: Oral and Dental Health
Age: 38
Date and Place of Birth: July 15, 1985, London, England
City of Residence: London, England
Language Skills: English (native), Spanish (fluent)
Family: Single


Undergraduate Education: Dr. Daniel Jhohanse successfully graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, University of London. During his undergraduate education, he drew attention with his interest in oral and dental health.

Specialized Education: He completed his specialization in oral and dental health at the University of Seville in Spain. Thanks to this training, she gained in-depth knowledge and experience in oral and dental health.

Volunteer Activities

Dr. Daniel Jhohanse has worked as a volunteer in underdeveloped countries to emphasize the importance of oral and dental health and to organize treatment campaigns. As part of this work, he has provided free dental care to hundreds of people.

Career and Achievements

Dr. Daniel Jhohanse is recognized as an expert in smile makeovers and oral health. His expertise in improving the oral and dental health of his patients and transforming their smiles has improved the quality of life for many.

Dr. Daniel Jhohanse

Research and Innovation: Dr. Jhohanse has continuously conducted research in the field of oral and dental health, developing new and innovative treatment modalities. This work has been well respected in the oral health community and is preferred by many patients.

Publications and Seminars

Dr. Daniel Johanse has authored a number of articles on oral and dental health, smile aesthetics and dental treatments. He has also participated in national and international dental conferences, sharing his knowledge and mentoring his colleagues.
Dr. Daniel Jhohanse is known for his expertise in oral and dental health and smile aesthetics. Through his volunteer work and professional contributions, he is a dentist who strives not only to help his patients, but also to serve the greater community as a whole. He has earned respect both for his commitment to the health of his patients and his sensitivity to the community.

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