White House on UFO Allegations: Biden Assigned Destruction and Detection Team

After the Chinese spy bubble in the USA, unidentified objects were detected one after another and shot down in the last days. After the event that the world talked about, a new statement came from the White House. “The American people need not worry about aliens with these objects,” said John Kirby, Strategic Communications Coordinator for the White House National Security Council. Kirby also announced that Biden has commissioned a team to detect and destroy unidentified aerial objects.

In the USA, which hit the spy balloon allegedly belonging to China, there was an alarm about unidentified objects over Alaska and Canada. After the shooting of these objects, warplanes took action for an unidentified object flying over Lake Huron on the Canadian border this time. In the incident, a radar anomaly was also detected, F-16 warplanes also shot down an object in the air. After the ‘alien’ allegations, successive statements came from the White House.


White House National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby said China has a high-altitude surveillance balloon program affiliated with the People’s Liberation Army of China as part of its intelligence activities. At the daily press conference, Kirby answered journalists’ questions about the detection and shooting down of unidentified objects in recent days, following the Chinese “spy balloon” detected in American airspace on February 4.

Kirby said they found that China has a program of high-altitude balloons affiliated with the People’s Liberation Army of China to gather intelligence. Noting that he could not give more details on the grounds that it was “sensitive” regarding information about foreign intelligence gathering activities, Kirby noted that this program of China was also in effect during the Donald Trump administration, but that they were able to detect it, not the Trump administration.


“We know that Chinese surveillance balloons have passed over dozens of countries on many continents around the world, including some of our closest allies and partners.” These surveillance balloons provide “limited additional capabilities” to other intelligence platforms China uses in the United States, Kirby said.

Kirby also stated that President Joe Biden was first informed in June 2021 about the surveillance activities carried out by China using high-altitude balloons.


Kirby said he thought the unidentified objects detected in recent days in US airspace did not pose a direct threat to people on land after the Chinese “spy balloon” was hit on Feb. Saying that they detected that the objects in question did not send any communication signals, Kirby also noted that they thought so because they did not have maneuverability and their altitudes were low.


Kirby, on the other hand, reported that while there was no particular reason to suspect that these objects were snooping, Biden ordered the shooting of these objects, on the advice of the Department of Defense, because they could not ignore this option. Kirby also announced that Biden has commissioned a team today to work on the detection, analysis and destruction of unidentified aerial objects that pose a security risk.

Kirby said the American public thinks that these recently detected and unidentified objects should not be concerned that they are “aliens”. White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre also stressed that there were no indications of “aliens or extraterrestrials” in the context of these objects.


On the other hand, Kirby said that their communication with China did not break after the balloon incident and that routine diplomatic talks with this country continue through their embassy in Beijing. Saying that they also discussed the issue in private meetings regarding the balloon, Kirby emphasized that contrary to the claims of Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Vinbin, there is no US surveillance balloon in Chinese airspace.

Kirby, a journalist, Taiwan, in areas such as the South China Sea, such as the question of whether there is a US aircraft, “There is no US surveillance vehicle in Chinese airspace.” gave the answer.

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