Whiskers 1 meter 20 centimeters

The mustache of Bayram Aslanhan, known in Bayburt with the nickname ‘Bayburtlu Pala’, has reached a length of 1 meter 20 centimeters, which he has not cut for 19 years after his father’s death. Aslanhan stated that he spends 1,500-2 thousand liras per month for the maintenance of his mustache.

Bayram Aslanhan, who decided to grow his mustache for the sake of curiosity after the death of his father 19 years ago in Bayburt, stated that he shortened his mustache once in 19 years, and that he faced reactions because of the shortening.

Aslanhan said, “I will not cut my mustache as long as I am alive.”

“When they say Uncle Pala, they know me directly”

Stating that people know him as ‘Pala from Bayburt‘, Aslanhan said, “Sometimes, those who call me as Bayram Aslanhan cannot find me. When they say Uncle Pala, they directly recognize me. It really makes me happy to be recognized in this way.”

Stating that the care of mustaches is an expensive job, Aslanhan stated that the monthly cost of mustaches is 1,500-2 thousand liras.

“It costs 1,500 lira per month”

Aslanhan said, “It is a costly job, but I will not trim my mustache as long as I am alive.”

Barber Şeref Şık, who has been caring for Aslanhan’s mustache regularly for 19 years, said of his happiness that he is wearing Aslanhan’s mustache every day, saying, “Uncle Pala Bayram will not cut these mustaches, we are happy to do them every day. If God gives us life, we are together until we die.”

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