Which Countries Have the Most Polluted Air? Which Rank Is Turkey?

According to the 2021 global air quality report, it was announced that the worst air quality was in Bangladesh. Turkey ranked 46th in the report, which included 117 countries.

According to the information obtained by Ajans Press from QAir  data, the global air quality report rates for 2021 have been determined. Thus, it was revealed that the worst air quality was in Bangladesh, with the African country Chad in the second place and Pakistan in the third place. Turkey ranked 46th in the report, which included 117 countries and 6,475 cities. As a result of the measurements, Çankırı was the city that gave the best results, while the rate of harmful particles in the air was determined as 9.3 µg/m³. While this level was at 17’s for Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, Iğdır was the city with the worst air quality in Turkey. The rate of harmful particles in the air in Iğdır was 66.2 µg/m³. The countries with the best air quality are; It was classified as New Caledonia, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Cape Verde and Saba.


The media monitoring agency  Ajans Press  examined the number of news items related to air pollution. According to the information compiled by Ajans Press from the  digital press archive, it has been determined that since the beginning of 2021, nearly 120,000 news, online and traditional media, related to air pollution have appeared. In recent years, carbon emission and carbon neutral topics have been among the most talked about awareness projects. It was determined that 11 thousand 237 news stories were reflected in the media under these headlines.

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