Where Is the Other Istanbul?

When you are in Istanbul, we recommend visiting not only the tourist areas, but also to see the other world of Istanbul.

There are quite a lot of areas where you can see Istanbul from the other side, but today we will draw attention to one, its name is Bakirkoy.

Bakirkoy is a developed area of Istanbul, which includes several other neighborhoods:

  • Emilyurt;
  • Eshilkey;
  • Attackey;
  • Floria.

In this area, as it is correct, rich people live, because when you arrive there, you will see how the residents differ from the residents of tourist places. There is no noise and a lot of entertainment, life boils calmly and steadily.

History of the development of the district

Initially, there was a settlement of Evdom on the site of the district. It was back in the days of the Roman Empire and Byzantium. The successful location of this place quickly popularized it — the emperors erected palaces of extraordinary beauty in the then Bakyrkei, and religious figures erected two large churches here in honor of John the Baptist. In addition, a Field of Mars was placed near Evdom, where the rulers of the empire were proclaimed.

Later the village was renamed and was called Macrokhori. The Turkish people could not get used to this name, using their pronunciation, which quickly became boring – Makrykey. Later, already in the 20th century, namely in 1925, the district acquired its current name, Bakyrkey.

What to see in the Bakirkoy area?

In this area, there are many historical places:

  • The Fieldama Cistern, where the Romans stored water in ancient times.
  • The remains of a powder magazine dating back to the 17th century.
  • Religious buildings: a mosque and a Greek church in the middle of the 19th century.

Also on the territory of this area, there are several shopping centers where you can have a great time shopping.

The two most significant places for shopaholics are:

  • Carousel Shopping Center
  • Capacity shopping Center

These are huge buildings where you can buy almost anything, though not always cheap.

Also, walking around the area, be sure to come to the embankment, there you can enjoy the beauty of the sea, and if you are very lucky, then you may be able to catch a moment where a plane will fly over you, and you will be able to take great photos. The thing is that there is an airport not far from this area.

There is a huge selection of cafes and restaurants in this area, with both excellent food and service.

Travel around Istanbul, and discover it from a new side.

You can read this article in Russian language: Где находится другой Стамбул?

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