Where Are The Oldest Residences of Istanbul?

Where Are The Oldest Residences of Istanbul?

While the number of buildings built before 2000 in Istanbul exceeded 818 thousand, it is known that 264 thousand were built before 1980. With 39 thousand 786, Fatih is one of the districts with the highest number of buildings dating back to 2000 and before. units, Üsküdar and Bağcılar followed.

While the number of buildings built in and before 2000 in Istanbul exceeds 818 thousand, Fatih district leads the way with 39 thousand 786 buildings in this area.

“Istanbul Province Probable Earthquake Loss Forecasts Update Project” prepared in 2020 in cooperation with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Earthquake Risk Management and Urban Improvement Department, Boğaziçi University Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute reveals data on the housing stock in the mega city.

According to the information compiled from the aforementioned study, it is seen that the number of buildings built in 2000 and before is 818 thousand 339. It was reflected in the report that 555 thousand of these buildings were built between 1980-2000. and 264 thousand were built before 1980.

Fatih is at the forefront of the districts with the highest number of residences before 2000, followed by Istanbul with 39,786 residences. It is known that 31,899 of these structures belong to before 1980.

Fatih was followed by Üsküdar with 35 thousand 353 units, Bağcılar with 34 thousand 618 units, Pendik with 34 thousand 592 units, Beykoz with 34 thousand 333 units, Ümraniye with 33 thousand 727 units and Sarıyer with 33 thousand 68 units. It is seen that the number of buildings in 7 districts is over 30 thousand.


The number of buildings in and before 2000 is 25-30 thousand in Küçükçekmece and Silivri, 20-25 thousand in Beyoğlu, Maltepe, Esenyurt, Kartal, Kağıthane, Sultanbeyli, Sultangazi, Eyüp and Gaziosmanpaşa, Bahçelievler, Arnavutköy, Şişli. It is between 15-20 thousand in Bayrampaşa, Kadıköy, Esenler, Şile, Ataşehir, Avcılar and Sancaktepe.

Where Are The Oldest Residences of Istanbul?

There are 10-15 thousand buildings over 23 years old in Büyükçekmece, Başakşehir, Çekmeköy, Tuzla, Zeytinburnu, Beşiktaş and Çatalca.

The district with the lowest number of residences in and before 2000 was Adalar with 5 thousand 325, followed by Beylikdüzü with 6 thousand 262, Güngören with 9 thousand 800 and Bakırköy with 9 thousand 961.

According to the report, it is estimated that 301,000 buildings may be damaged lightly, 137 thousand buildings moderately, 39.5 thousand buildings severely, and 13.5 thousand buildings severely damaged in an earthquake of 7.5 and higher intensity.


President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said in a statement yesterday evening, “The fact that 98 percent of all the buildings destroyed in the last disaster were built before 1999 shows how far we have come in terms of building standards and inspections, but also reminds us that we need to keep the work tighter. ” used words.

Oldest Residences of Istanbul

Experts want old houses to be tested for earthquake resistance and the building to be strengthened or converted depending on the result.

Urban Transformation and Urbanization Foundation (KENTSEV) Vice President Haldun Ersen told Anadolu Agency (AA) that 6.2 million people lived in 491 thousand buildings, which are expected to be damaged lightly, moderately, heavily or heavily in the 7.5-magnitude earthquake. and above. Istanbul. He said it was predictable.

Emphasizing that the buildings that are expected to be severely damaged should be evacuated as soon as possible and action should be taken to transform these buildings, Ersen said that the way to do this is to have the residents of the building make an investigation.

Noting that citizens should pass the durability test of their buildings, Ersen stated that they should not be late for urban transformation and that a collective mobilization should be declared in this regard.

Oldest Residences of Istanbul

Where Are The Oldest Residences of Istanbul?


Haldun Ersen stated that the Urban Transformation and Urbanization Foundation has announced its roadmap in order to raise awareness in this area and said, “Urban transformation, one of the most important problems of Turkey, should be handled with a supra-political approach. With the consciousness of national mobilization, unity and solidarity, just like the National Struggle. should be treated as it is.

Pointing out that there are millions of risky residences across the country, Ersen said, “Citizens who own the property should be involved in this business without wasting time and precautions should be taken for risky buildings. The year 2022 is vital in this sense, we think.” He did an explanation.

Oldest Residences of Istanbul

Ersen, referring to the road map they prepared for urban transformation, said that this process consists of 12 items.

Ersen stated that these items were “communication strategy”, “benefit-cost relationship”, “solving the property problem”, “cooperating with NGOs”, “receiving citizen feedback”, “sociological and psychological impact”, transformation of the citizen, state and society. . states. He stated that it can be solved with NGOs”, “Making Law No. 6306”, “Planning Principles”, “Local Administrations”, “Strengthening Public-Private Sector Cooperation” and “Trial”.

Oldest Residences of Istanbul

Where Are The Oldest Residences of Istanbul?

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