Where Are The Majority Of Turks Living İn İstanbul From?

According to the latest population statistics released by TurkStat, 15 million 56 thousand 806 people reside in Istanbul. Of these, only 2 million 152 thousand 878 people are registered to the Istanbul population. The rest are registered to the population of other cities. Sivas ranks first in the list with 754 thousand 327 people, followed by Kastamonu with 544 thousand 60 people and Ordu with 515 thousand 544 people.

According to TurkStat data, 18.34 percent of Turkey’s population resides in Istanbul with 15 million 56 thousand 806 people. The number of people registered in the Istanbul registry is 2 million 152 thousand 878.

Where Are Most People From In Istanbul?

In other words, there are 12 million 904 thousand people residing in Istanbul but registered in other provinces. So where are the most people from in Istanbul? Here is the answer to the curious question.

Sivas ranks first in the list with 754 thousand 327 people. Sivas’s population is less than the number of Sivas people living in Istanbul with 650 thousand 401.

Si̇vas Is Followed By Kastamonu And Ordu

The second province in the list is Kastamonu with 544 thousand 60 inhabitants. Again, Kastamonu’s population is less than the number of Kastamonians living in Istanbul with 388 thousand 990.

The province ranking 3rd in the list is Ordu. Ordu is followed by Giresun with 482 thousand 530 people, Tokat with 478 thousand 587 people, Erzurum with 450 thousand 286 people, Malatya with 419 thousand 224 people, Samsun with 415 thousand 22 people, Trabzon with 411 thousand 65 people.

Si̇nop Ranks 10th In The List

Sinop stands out as the 10th province in the list. While the number of Sinopites living in Istanbul is determined as 365 thousand 925 people, Sinop is followed by Kars with 306 thousand 869 people, Rize with 304 thousand 722 people, Erzincan with 300 thousand 404 people, Mardin with 263 thousand 995 people and Van with 263 thousand 921 people.

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