What to Eat in Istanbul? Discover the Best 10 Food Alternatives in Istanbul

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Istanbul is one of the places that attracts visitors from almost all countries of the world today. In the city, which is visited by more than 20 million foreign tourists a year, there are food restaurants that should be discovered specially. In this article, we will share with you Istanbul’s most popular street delicacies and must-have dishes.

Considered historically, Istanbul cuisine actually means palace cuisine. The unique traditional dishes of the city, which hosts the Topkapı Palace, are naturally the tastes preferred in the palace. But nowadays possible to experience a wide variety of both flavors of the world in Istanbul, Turkey. There are many alternatives from breakfast to dinner in Istanbul, which is one of the largest metropolises in the world, where many different cultures lived together in the past and today. You can consider our suggestions that will help you with local Anatolian delicacies and distinguished examples of world cuisine on where and what to eat in Istanbul.

1- Boza

When you hear the word of “boza”, historical Vefa Bozacısı comes to find firstly. Vefa Bozacısı in Vefa district is the place that makes boza, a historical drink that has become one of the symbols of Istanbul, best and presents it most nostalgic. It has been serving since 1876. Boza is a drink made from a mixture of bulgur, rice yeast and sugar, which is drunk in winter.

2- Baked Potato (Kumpir)

The baked potato is known as “kumpir” in Turkey. And Istanbul’s most popular destination for tasting baked potata is Ortaköy. Eating kumpir in Ortaköy is a ritual. You will not regret it, no matter which counter you buy on the street where baked potatoes are lined before it occurs. A baked potato with lots of butter and lots of cheese is even eaten plain. But still, fill it with Russian salad, pickles, olives, sausage, barbecue, spicy paste. You can be sure that you can find whatever comes to your mind at the benches here.

3- Sugar Candy (Akide Şekeri)

Although confectionery is out of fashion today, Sugar Candy is not a type of candy that is sold everywhere. In fact, the history of this candy unique to Istanbul is old. It was distributed to the janissary soldiers in the Ottoman Empire at the ulufe ceremony. You can find it at some famous confectioners today.

4- Sarıyer Pastry

Let’s visit Sarıyer district, which is located in European part of Istanbul city, if you want to discover a delicious pastry.It is the most famous pastry in Istanbul. Sariyer district of minced meat, peanut and currant pie is now prepared this has cost Turkey. If you wish, there is also a cheese type. However, the minced meat pastry has become famous because it has currants and pistachios.

5- Sultanahmet Meatball

Do you want to eat the most delicious meatballs in Istanbul? If you want, you should visit Sultanahmet. There are many shops in Istanbul that make meatballs specific to various regions. However, the most famous one is Sultanahmet meatballs. You can really eat delicious meatballs at these meatball restaurants lined up side by side in the Sultanahmet district. Do not neglect to have the blarney with it.

6- Marzipan

Marzipan is one of the tastes unique to Istanbul. Prepared with a mixture of almond and semolina halva, these candies have been enjoying the sweet pleasure of Istanbul residents since the Ottoman times. You can buy the best Marzipan from Bebek or from confectioners in Sirkeci.

7- Kokoreç

Kokoreç is also known as grilled sheep’s intestines. At the last years, the popularity of kokoreç is increasing day by day. For kokoreç enthusiasts, we can give two addresses in Istanbul. Kokoreç shops in Beyoğlu and Ortaköy are very attractive places for those who like this taste. Kokoreç is sold almost 24 hours in Fish Market in Beyoğlu and in Ortaköy.

8- Kanlıca Yogurt

What about tasting a delicious and natural yogurt? The Kanlıca district of Istanbul is famous for its yoghurt. Although yogurt has turned into fabrication today, there are still places in Kanlıca where you can eat old-fashioned homemade yogurt.

9- Turkish Coffee

Turkish coffee is one of the most popular drinks of Turkish cuisine. Since Turkish coffee is a beverage unique to the Ottoman Empire, you can find the most delicious and the most suitable ones in Istanbul. The most famous is the coffee house in Piyer Loti. But you can drink delicious Turkish coffee in Tophane, Bebek or in the tea gardens by the sea.

10- Mussel

Mussel is one of the most important sea food alternatives in Istanbul. Especially, if you love tasting sea food, you should taste the amazing mussels in different destinations of Istanbul. You can eat not only fish but all kinds of seafood in Istanbul. However, if you are a mussel enthusiast, your address should be Anadolu or Rumeli Kavağı. Here you can find mussels both in wheelbarrows and in restaurants.

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