What is interesting about the historical district of Fatih?

Istanbul is a city where a million neighborhoods with a long history. Today we will talk about one of the most popular areas, both for tourists and for original residents of Turkey.

The district has a name- Fatih, it is one of the most historic districts in Istanbul. It contains some of the most popular places for tourists. Here are the most historical and cultural attractions:


  • The Archaeological Museum of Istanbul, which houses more than 1,000,000 exhibits from all eras and civilizations;
  • Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art;
  • Topkapi Palace with the Sultan’s harem, the main palace of the Ottoman Empire until the middle of the XIX century;
  • Hagia Sophia Cathedral;
  • Mosaic Museum;
  • Istanbul Postal Museum;
  • Monastery of Hora


• Blue Mosque;

• Suleymaniye Mosque;

• New Mosque;

Historical markets

  • Grand Bazaar;
  • Egyptian Bazaar.

Quite conservative people live in this area, with strict Muslim views. Women in most cases wear closed clothes and cover their heads with headscarves.

The history of the district and its name begins with the conquest of Constantinople by Sultan Mehmed II. He built the first Fatih Mosque, and later he was buried in this mosque.

Since 2009, the Eminenyu district has joined the Fatih district.

Fatih is one of the most popular places for shopping, it is here that the most famous bazaars of Istanbul are located: Grand and Egyptian. It is worth visiting bazaars not only for shopping, but also for the atmosphere.

The downside of Fatih will, of course, be a large flow of tourists and big prices.

The Fatih area is worth a visit to immerse yourself in Turkish culture, go shopping and get to know the traditions of Turkey better.

You can read this article in Rusian language: Чем интересен исторический район Фатих?

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