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What is FaceApp App? How to use?

We have searched for you the details of the FaceApp application, which is viral all over the world with its aging effect. Everything that can be done with FaceApp is here!

Every day, another filter is trending on social media. The number of users who do not appear as they are with these filters is also quite high!

Although some filters are obvious at first glance, some are really impossible to distinguish. There are different sources that produce filters that are difficult to understand, real or unreal. However, one of the applications that stand out among them: FaceApp.

It is possible to turn into a completely different person in seconds with the application, which is suddenly popular among millions of Instagram users. What kind of application is FaceApp, which you can download for free, and how to use it, let’s examine it together.


What is FaceApp App?

FaceApp has become known to everyone as the Aging App thanks to Instagram. Although it’s actually software that has been around since 2017, it was the aging effect that made Face App go viral.

In the same period, many users applied the aging effect to themselves through this application and shared their photos on various social media tools, especially Instagram. Also, famous names such as Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber joined this caravan. Thus, there was a great demand for the Face App application from users who saw the old version of many Turkish and foreign artists.

Although it has become popular with the effect of aging, this is not the only function of FaceApp. You can also rejuvenate with Face App. It is also possible to make mimic changes, hair and beard additions on the photo. Again, applications such as gender reassignment, day and night make-up can also be done through the photo.

Although FaceApp is a free download application, you have to pay extra for the use of some filters. The number of free filters is quite large. However, when you switch to the paid membership called FaceApp Pro, you encounter much richer options in terms of filters.

You have the ability to remove Face App watermark from photos when you use it as Pro. In order to make multiple changes on the same photo, you also need to switch to Face App Pro.


How to Use FaceApp Application?

UsingFaceApp, which has a simple interface, is quite simple. For this, the application asks you for some permissions. You can take full advantage of FaceAppwhen you give permission to access the gallery and send notifications.

When you do not give permission to send notifications, there is no obstacle to using the application. However, in order to make changes on the photos, you need to give permission to access the gallery.

You can follow these steps to make different edits to your photos with FaceApp:

  • Open the FaceApp app.
  • Select the photo you want to change from the gallery by pressing the relevant button.
  • The photo you selected will first open with its original filter. You can view other filter options at the bottom.
  • Choose from these filters listed as smile, spark, old, young, female and male.
  • After the desired changes are made to the photo, you can download the photo to your device.
  • If you wish, it is also possible to transfer the images you have prepared directly to social media tools via Face App.
  • After preparing the photo, you can also choose to facilitate it through the application.
  • You can make changes to the photos you upload from the gallery or take a selfie with the front camera and play with your snapshots. For this, you need to shoot by matching your face to the template that opens when you open the front camera.
  • Just like the front camera, you can take snapshots with the rear camera, and make changes to your friends’ current looks with the Face App application.

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