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What Does Foreigner’s Release Mean After Application for International Protection?

According to the laws in force in Turkey, two different results may arise as a result of an international protection application. These results are in the form of continuing to be kept under surveillance or released, depending on the special situation of the foreigner. If the foreigner is released as a result of the application for international protection, this may be due to three different reasons. In this article, we will briefly talk about the related reasons.

As the first reason, if the foreigner has been invited to leave Turkey, a decision to be released can be taken after the application. The foreigner may be deported and given up to 30 days to leave the country within their own means. However, if the foreigner does not have a chance to return by his own means, foreigners can return to their country of citizenship with voluntary repetriation. Again, if it is thought that the foreigner will experience serious problems in the country to which he will be sent back, we would like to remind you that the way to appeal the deportation decision is also open.

Secondly, if the foreigner has been granted international protection status, the foreigner can be released. After this decision, you can register with the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management within a maximum of 15 days.

The third and final reason may be that your legal status has been designated as free residence. To remind, foreigners who apply for international protection in Turkey are not given the right to live in the city of their choice. Immigration Administration officials have the authority to direct foreigners to a suitable city for residence. If the foreigner has a valid reason to live in a certain city, he must state this as an extra during the application. However, the final decision in this matter will be up to the competent authorities. The foreigner, who is released as a result of the direction made to the foreigner’s side, must apply to the Provincial Immigration Administration in the city to which he was directed, within a maximum of 15 days. According to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, foreigners are obliged to stay in the city where they are in the process of free residence and to make notifications at regular intervals. If the foreigner leaves the city of residence without permission, the application for international protection is deemed to have been withdrawn. In such a case, the closing of your file may appear in front of the foreigner as a possible result.

If you have questions about the release of the foreigner as a result of the international protection application, you can send them to us in the comments section.


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