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What Did a Child’s X-Ray Show in Saudi Arabia?

Doctors, who examined the X-ray of the child who went to the hospital with terrible pain in Saudi Arabia, were very angry with his parents.

An electric toothbrush head was found in the intestines of a 9-year-old boy who went to the hospital with the complaint of extreme pain in Saudi Arabia. Doctors warned parents about their carelessness. It was announced that the child was rescued at the last moment.

Something terrible has happened in Saudi Arabia. A 9-year-old boy played with the head of an electric toothbrush at home, took it in his mouth and swallowed it. The child, who did not inform his family about this situation, was taken to the hospital after experiencing severe pain.


After the first checks, the doctors immediately took an X-ray of the child. X-ray revealed that the boy had an object in his intestines. It was soon discovered that this object was the head of an electric toothbrush.



Doctors said that the boy was almost on the verge of death and that they were angry with his parents for their carelessness. Families were warned to be careful in such situations.

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