What color egg is healthier? White? Brown?

What color egg is healthier? White? Brown?

Although there is no difference in taste or nutritional value, European consumers prefer brown eggs. According to producers, white ones are more environmentally friendly.

When consumers buy eggs, they prefer the brown ones because they look “more natural”.

But according to Belgian breeder Paul Geens, white eggs are more environmentally friendly.

Geens explains the difference between the two eggs as follows;

“White chickens lay white eggs and brown chickens lay brown eggs, it’s as simple as that. White chickens are more productive. They live 20 weeks longer than brown ones. They produce more eggs, don’t get sick and eat less feed. Less feed means lower carbon emissions.”

What color egg is healthier

Belgian consumers generally prefer brown eggs, so the white ones go to industrial uses such as mayonnaise production.

Market chains, noting that there is no taste difference between the two colors, want to increase sales of white eggs because they are cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

What color egg is healthier? White? Brown?

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