What Causes A Burst Of Light In An Earthquake?

What Causes A Burst Of Light In An Earthquake?

While the reason for the light explosion that occurred at the time of the earthquake was a matter of curiosity, many claims were made on social media. The Directorate of Communications made a statement about the explosion of light at the time of the earthquake. Stating that the short-term radiations seen during earthquakes are the subject of many conspiracy theories and disinformation, the Presidency said, “Why did the light explode in the earthquake?” also answered the question.

The explosion of light reflected on the security camera during the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş became one of the most talked about topics. Images shared on social media and which were a matter of curiosity were interpreted differently by internet users.

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The ’19-20 February Disinformation Bulletin’ prepared by the Directorate of Communications clarified the allegations about the radiations seen during the earthquake.


The Presidency clarified the reason for the radiations with the following words; “The short-term radiations seen during earthquakes in our country have been the subject of many conspiracy theories and disinformation after the disaster. It has been claimed many times that these lights are a sign of a system that creates earthquakes.

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The accumulation of energy that creates an earthquake causes the electrical properties of some of the minerals that make up the rocks to change. With the initiation of beneficial action, the accumulated energy is released, shaking occurs on the one hand, and electrical change, on the other hand, causes bright glows. The bright flashes observed in an earthquake occur in conjunction with minerals in rocks and occur only under certain conditions. The lights seen during an earthquake can reach 200 meters above the ground and in some cases appear as lightning. Earthquake lights, which look like bluish flames and orbs of light, soon disappear. These radiations are not seen after the earthquake, but during the earthquake.

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What Causes A Burst Of Light In An Earthquake?

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